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"Is the Obsidian Bond a money making scheme??" Surviving in the modern music industry

Hey guys,

On trauling the internet to follow some of you lot I came across this post about the Obsidian Bond:


If i’m honest it upset me a bit. So I decided to write a response to make sure you all understand things fully. Here it is:

It’s rare that we decide to rise to criticism. However I (Kier),
feel our fans deserve to be offered the facts. To avoid anyone
coming to any rather angry and mis-informed conclusions like this

Firstly I guess I would say that getting angry about the price of a
product is totally pointless. I don’t walk down the high street and
suddenly launch into a tantrum because I see the price of the
new iPhone… I just don’t buy an iPhone. The Obsidian Bond is not
something that is required to be a fan of Fearless Vampire Killers.
It’s an extra product for those who want it.

Secondly I guess we should talk about value. Can we put a value on
a thing like this as it’s digital? Well to keep it in simple terms
the Obsidian Bond isn’t just a fan site. It’s a social network and
also a place to host exclusive content. One such piece of content
is our documentary “At War With the Thirst”. This was a
professional production that cost thousands of pounds to make. It
has until now only ever been aired on TV and never sold. IF we were
to sell this documentary as a DVD at would cost around 10 pounds.
Pretty standard right? So that’s okay as it’s a format that you’re
used to. Now place exactly the same product on a website that
charge 2.99 a month and now it’s a rip off? I guess I would ask
people to not be so small minded. That product is one of hundreds
that will be available.

Thirdly lets talk about our costs. On the inception of this idea
the first thing we had to do was upgrade our websites server at a
monthly cost of around £60.00. Then we needed professional
membership to Vimeo due to the large quantity of videos we were
uploading, that’s another £30 a month. then we needed to buy
wristbands for the pre-orders (£500), then we needed to move our
server to an even bigger one as on the release of these pre-orders
the website crashed and couldn’t cope with demand (another £50 a
month) and now we’re looking at hiring a consultant to help fix any
bugs with the site. I hate to think what that will cost… either
way the list goes on. So are we as a band expected to lose money so
that just you can be happy? I hope not.

Finally lets talk about our time and what it costs to be in a band.
I am one of few people that is lucky enough to do this as my job,
and I’d like to think I have worked for the privilege. In order for
this band to function we employ a team of around 8 people. Everyone
of which that needs to be paid some how. Everyone of which has
helped make this site happen. Our guitarist Shane (you would know
him as Barrone) has spent 14 hours a day for the last 4 months
building this. You wouldn’t work for free. That’s ridiculous. So
how can we be expected to sustain working for free? I have rent,
bills and food to pay for just like you. Without some kind of
income this band would cease to exist. Now people may think that
digital downloads and merchandise could sustain an act like
us but think about this…. how many of your friends do you know
that buy music regularly? I mean why would you? you can just stream
Spotify on your phone with only the odd advert! That’s really going
to make me rich with the 0.000001p I get each time you stream…
Digital and physical music sales are falling month on month and
bands are now left to adapt or die. I personally I want a
sustainable career for the long term, as I like this job.

So now I guess all I ask is please keep all this in mind before
letting your mouth go. I’m a human being, I have feelings and I’ve
spent months of my life just trying to create something that I
think our fans will really enjoy.

Cheers if you’ve read this far.

Love Kier


The music industry isn’t getting any better. People still losing their lives (Illuminati sacrifices), and losing their minds (Mind Control), and ultimately losing their souls (Souled Out). Beyonce has this alter ego - this entity that lives inside of her. It’s actual demonic possessions and they’re actually going through rituals in front of millions of people. These are the things that have to be brought out to let the people know that this is actual facts and this is real. They hide behind the wealth and drink their troubles away. They have to come back to the same reality. I know some athletes - a lot of them have been asked to be part of this cult to enhance their careers and this is really real. We have to understand who the players are. These are the oath takers. These are the same people because they have the same agenda. This is why it was imperative for them to change everything to the digital frequency and do away with the universal analog frequency because they can sell you TVs with subliminal messages. They know that you tune into that frequency. Control over the masses of the people. They’re trying to control you. Subliminal messages in the magazines - this kind of stuff sits in your subconscious mind and it hits you a little while later when you’re not thinking about it. These people are wickedly wise. These are the kinds of cartoons that you’re children watch. They attack the minds of young people. They hide their Satanic signals and use them for their purposes. They’re called holders of the light - the illuminated ones. They use these numbers in such a way where they tap into the lower vibrations. President Kennedy was assented at the 33 degree parallel (masonic number). It’s hidden inside the symbols they lay out. We need to deal with the truth about the music industry and Hollywood. Why are records always released on a Tuesdays. Tuesday is the name of the Norse war god. September 11th, 2001 was on a Tuesday. These people are not playing. John Todd was part of the Illuminati who said they take the records down into the Satanic chambers underneath the record company, put it on an altar, and do rituals around your music so when your music hits the radio and the sacred airways (Satan’s called the prince of air), that vibration goes out and it resonates with the people. You’re listening to the music and it’s eroding your morals just by listening to the vibes and frequency of the music. And I’m telling you all right now if you don’t wanna believe it, watch in the next couple of years, they’re coming after Katt Williams. Katt Williams tells too much truth.
Things To Do In College That Will Prepare You For The Music Industry


Do you ever sing “school sucks, I know” to the tune of “All The Small Things?” Same. Well, Haulix have published a new Q&A on the topic that often gets raised for students who go to school in search of a music industry major, which is, “what should we be doing before we graduate?” The guy who was egotistical enough to put his name in this website’s URL is currently in school for a music industry degree, so the discussion hits close to home. Check out the full piece here and a snippet below after the jump.

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I’m sure you’re wondering why the United States government (control mind) would be so interested in what appears to be a record company. Well, I’m about to show you why. From this command center, we control the most influential demographic of the population. We turn your world into one giant TV commercial. But how, you may ask, can our operation be so effective? Sure these kids have brains like play dough, just waiting to be molded into shape, but something else must be going on, right? For years the government has been wisely coercing teenagers to buy products they normally wouldn’t want. That’s why the government has been planting small subliminal advertising suggestions in today’s music. How can you control the bands? What if they find out about the hidden messages in their music? Ever wonder why so many stars die in plane crashes? Overdosed on drugs? We’ve been doing this a long time. If they start to get too curious, our options are endless. Bankruptcies… shocking scandals… religious conversions! They’re trying to create an army of mindless teenagers, to make them buy things and even control their thoughts. That’s because they’re mindless drones who will gobble up anything you tell them is cool. You’re a real free thinker, aren’t you? A real non-conformist. This is what they’re really hearing. Conform. Free will is overrated. Jump on the bandwagon. We found that subliminal messages work much better in movies.
—  Josie and the Pussycats: movie

East Nashville, the small neighborhood where musicians can afford to be musicians

East Nashville is everything Brooklyn wishes it was, only affordable. It has its fair share of local butchers (Porter Road Butcher), organic and gluten-free grocery stores (The Turnip Truck) and the snobby coffee shop to end all snobby coffee shops (Barista Parlor). But unlike Brooklyn, musicians can actually afford to be musicians there.

That’s because rent averages $650 a month and cost of living is 9.5% lower than the national U.S. average. Combined with a small population of roughly 25,000, the 37206 zip code of East Nashville houses an enormous percentage of the cities’ musicians close enough together so they’re always collaborating. Redbull Sound Select artist Boom Forest and indie darlings Foreign Fields share a house in the east called Castle Red Skull. Their situation isn’t uncommon in Nashville — they have a big rickety red house filled with instruments and a rotating cast of musicians coming in from tour and going back out again. Everyone from the Avett Brothers to Mumford & Sons has passed through.

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