Old character from old weaboo anime which was basically a rip off of old anime. Decided to maker her older so I chopped off half her hair.

Because I could only remember one of the alien girls being called Aya but I don’t know which one that was and the computer with the file that would tell me is under a giant stack of papers, I just made it into the term the alien race called girls formally. Kind of like how Korean girls call older men oppa.


[What’s this? Your egg has started to shake furiously! That’s a sign that it’s starting to hatch. How exciting! Cracks begin to appear on it’s surface little by little. The apprehension must be overwhelming. But soon enough, something breaks through the surface and your Pokemon is revealed to be…

A  Nincada! Congratulations! 

Soon enough you receive a letter from PEDS again.]

Hello again! This letter is going to be shorter this time, we promise. But our sensors indicate that your egg has hatched! Congratulations on your newfound companion again! Be sure to take very good care of him or her and we wish you luck on your Pokemon journey. One last thing. As a token of our appreciation, we decided to send you a little certificate. Think of it as a momento of this precious day! 

Once again, congratulations!

[What’s curious about the certificate is that they identify you as a…]

[Jogger! Weird.]


"Oh wow, it’s such a cute little bug!"


"But bugs are weak against fire…"