Lia (animate-mush) is my conception of the Ideal Whovian (and Ideal Fan in general) massively enthusiastic about Doctor Who but without pretending it is flaw free, has many opinions but is polite to people who disagree with her, extremely knowledgeable about the entuire 50-year history of the franchise  but welcoming to newbies and never says anyone is “not a true fan” because they are less knowledgeable than her.

guunyuu said:

i think you like leopika more than kirugon but i have more kirugon ideas, ah, sorry. how about drabbles set in an au where gon and killua are partners in literal crime-- bank robbing and kidnapping-for-ransom type stuff-- killua drives the get-away car and gon looks cute and holds a gun to their hostage's head. they're really in love and really disasterous.

PLS DONT WORRY about kirugon, leopika and kirugon are both 10000% fair game i LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH……

i literally couldnt stop thinking about this awesome au so here u Go ur the first CONTESTANT…..

title: escape

word count: 644 (almost 150 words over the promised length im g abr ag e e i tried to cut it down as much as i could without it turning into mush)

pairing: kiurgon

rating: t (i guess?? for violence)

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Writing is saying to no one and to everyone the things it is not possible to say to someone. Or rather writing is saying to the no one who may eventually be the reader those things one has no someone to whom to say them. Matters that are so subtle, so personal, so obscure that I ordinarily can’t imagine saying them to the people to whom I’m closest. Every once in a while I try to say them aloud and find that what turns to mush in my mouth or falls short of their ears can be written down for total strangers. Said to total strangers in the silence of writing that is recuperated and heard in the solitude of reading. Is it the shared solitude of writing, is it that separately we all reside in a place deeper than society, even the society of two? Is it that the tongue fails where the fingers succeed, in telling truths so lengthy and nuanced that they are almost impossible aloud?
—  Rebecca Solnit

So the Director of Forensics (aka the person in charge of the entire debate program) wrote me an amazing letter of recommendation and I felt awkward asking her cause she doesn’t know me all that well compared to the other debaters but it’s for this UCLA Law Fellowship thing and it’s absolutely incredible and I’m like don’t you get mushy and cry leah cause I’m not used to people being so nice to me and actually caring and they’re all rooting for me and supportive and have no ulterior motive and just want me to succeed and I’m like ???

I love my team I love my coaches they’ve shown me more love and support than my family ever has when it came to debate and school and I’m just wow

People care about me and I’m not even worth shit but people think otherwise

I’m turning into mush I need to not melt into a puddle of good feels before class okay

But I seriously hope I get in.

anonymous said:

I was wondering if you maybe had some ideas on some cold vegetarian/vegan food? :)

Sorry for the late reply!

My brain’s mush and out for the count so I can’t really think of anything specific (besides overnight oats, that was the first thing that came to my mind, here’s a compilation of several variations, just to give you some examples) but I looked it up and I found some nice links, here we have loads of different cold served dishes (some of them need to be cooked/baked beforehand and some don’t), a collection of raw vegan recipes, some more cold vegetarian recipes and another heaps of raw vegan recipes

I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking there. :)

anonymous said:

I want to be the one to rescue you and hold you until we don't know how to let go

for us to forget how to let go would mean we are probably brain dead cause our brains have gone to mush from doing nothing for what was probably years. 

thats the most romantic thing ever.

Support is Key

I am so grateful for the people in my life who support me so that I can do this work. I have friends and family who call just to check in and listen, a my lovely and loyal housecleaner and a fabulous nanny who just graciously took on a lot more hours, and a husband who works so hard to provide for our lives. It takes a village, and never was it more true than when you’re walking in the world of foster care.

I’d also like to say that knowing when to say when and ask for more help is so very important. I almost drowned two years ago when we took on more than we were prepared to handle. I still regret not asking for help or recognizing how mush I needed it. You can get so buried in the day to day that you become the frog in the boiling pot. Before you know it, you’re cooked. My advice now is to ask for help before you need it, take care of yourself, surround yourself with support so that you can be present in the moments that really matter.


                  He’d spent hours — hours upon hours even — on those pumpkins. All the planning, all the carving, all done by hand, by him. And now, here they sat smashed across the sidewalk outside his store. ” Why do people have to be such assholes, ” Hitch sighed, kneeling down and grabbing hunks of thick, mushed squash and stuffing it into a large garbage bag. ” On the upside I get to spend another nine hours carving out pumpkins tonight… Joy. ” the sarcasm was thick; but, he wasn’t talking to anyone but himself while dropping pieces into the sack, grumbling all the while.

These pink pills
They go down easy enough
As my mind turns to mush
My legs become slush
And I stumble down the corridor of dead faces

Each ghost takes a turn
On each head balances an urn
Speaking all their concerns
While my stomach churns
And they morph and contort back into the wall

All my friends and my lovers
Are gathered together
They scare me under the covers
Where I had discovered
Your face was only an illusion

I used your skin as a map
As you set up your trap
Then gave me a slap
While I can hear my bones snap
And you pull out my teeth

So I asked for your views
And if it’s me that you’d choose
Why’d you put me through this abuse
Yet in the end I still lose
As I watch your image crumble to dust

—  Pink Pills

okay i’m not a huge fan of american idiot but

i don’t get it when other people respond to it like “what a fake” “green day would be disappointed” “what did they do to green day”

like the songs have not changed literally at all

it’s not like they changed the style to toe tapping showtunes??

it’s the same songs sung by a cast of people with choreography???

green day wanted this to happen????? billie joe would even perform in it sometimes?????????????

like get off your fucking high horse and don’t mush all musicals into one category and brand it all as awful

musicals are just as varied and diverse as tv shows, movies, and music

If I ever have children or get married I will DEFINITELY NOT post every fucking god damn post about my child eating some mushed up food or a fucking photo of my engagement ring, wedding ring, shoes. Fuck off. I mean I adore some wedding photos but I swear I will not become of those those women/ parents. No.