How to donut 101

Right so i”ve been getting several asks about this since i posted about me making donuts so here ya go. Keep in mind the fact that i’m the worst cook in all of america and i basically just wing it. ((disclaimer: these donuts aren’t really fluffy, they’re more dense so don’t shoot me))

okay so you see these tubes of mushy shit?


This is the dough i use since I’m too fuckin lazy to make my own. Now what you want to do is roll this shit into small balls, pretty much the size of a donut hole (maybe a bit smaller cause they expand)

then you grab your friendly local bottle of vegetable oil


(it looks like this in case you fuckin weebs forgot)

and you pour it into a pot about an inch or two deep (enough to cook the mush in) Ya heat it up, of course, and throw in a test ball to make sure it’s hot enough before starting the cooking process. (It’s gotta be hot. very hot. emma watson riding a nimbus 2000 naked hot)

((i trust you know how to do the cooking part you basically just flip them occasionally and take them out when they darken))

when you take them out, set them onto a plate/dish/whatever


Put paper towels on the plate so it absorbs any excess oil 

and then you take shittons of sugar and dump it all over the top and kind of roll the little balls in the sugar yo


and there ya have it! Go crazy, you fucking losers

anonymous said:

Jack, do you have any embarrassing stories about the other newsies?

I have plenty of stories about people doing things that should embarrass them, but I sometimes wonder whether anybody here feels shame. Pack a few dozen guys into one room every night, and all social niceties go out the window. That’s one place they could have gone to, anyway. The only sure thing is, they ain’t here.

I ain’t talking about things like sucking your thumb or sleeping with a pair of boots under your arm - there’s nothing embarrassing about doing what you need to do to feel safe. And there’s no sense in getting embarrassed over unavoidable bodily functions, being scared of things, and looking like an idiot sometimes. Around here, any guy who can burp the whole alphabet is a god among men. Nobody’s keen on the idea of ghosts. And if we started calling people out for doing stupid things, we’d never have time for anything else.

So I guess that’s what I’m thinking here. I wouldn’t exactly enjoy it if someone went around talking about all the embarrassing things I’ve done in my life. Maybe I should keep my own counsel on this one.

But I do have one good story. Like lots of good stories, it starts and ends with an unlikely hero. Let’s call him by his name. Let’s call him Tumbler.

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Just give me a personal moment...

So I’d just like to take a minute to say what an amazing guy I have.

This man drove out to my campus twice today when I had a twelve hour school day with homework and studio time. He took me out to dinner so that we could both have a break from school. Then he came back later that night when it was dark outside and I was parked clear on the other side of campus, sat with me while I worked, then drove me to my car so that I would be safe.

I’m really so lucky that he found me. He always knows just what to do to cheer me up and keep me sane. What a guy.


 said: there’s some kind of companion tournament thing going on

Companions against each other ugh, we don’t like those kind of things as our faves always lose just because they’re old!! Now if it was a companion tournament where companions are jousting or something we’d be more on board. :)


 said: The radio times is doing a really stupid poll on “best companion” that doesn’t include all the companions. Non-companion is getting 70% of the vote against Ian’s 30%… it’s seriously messed up. :(

Ugh not the dreaded radio times poll which is so totally fair *sarcasm* Well luckily our love for Ian is 2000% so it more than makes up for it. :)



Oh no not radio times poll, actually we dislike any polls. We avoid them like the plague. We end up feeling bad for our characters and that the One era is unloved and un-watched lol. We know there’s obvious reasons why our faves won’t get picked but it makes us feel worse :(

Jackson Square

Street poetry can be exhausting. There are times when I’ve written non stop for two hours without taking a breath. My typewriter becomes a magnet to those enchanted, romantic travelers and my mind becomes a wrinkled mush of disembodied memories and metaphors colliding like tectonic plates under the earth. Other times I can sit for two hours doing absolutely nothing, read James Baldwin or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or chat up a nearby palm reader. In Jackson Square, there is a loose unspoken federation of artists. We all have a purpose. We all need each other to make this New Orleans experience come to life. The artists, musicians, palm readers, magicians, even the soda vendors. The homeless are there, too, sunburned and cranky, living life like stray cats, feeding on the scraps left by others. Some get creative and become errand runners for the palm readers, help artists load and unload their work, but others wander aimlessly, trapped in a mind vortex where memories and hope are pieces of broken glass, too sharp to touch. In Jackson Square everyone is hungry. Once I saw a scrappy, anorexic young woman standing with her baby in front of the cathedral with a sign that said PLEASE HELP, GOD SILENT. I questioned her method of obtaining charity. It was a Sunday after Mass and most people were ignoring her, but a tiny elderly woman with sparkling grey hair approached her. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but her mannerism seemed compassionate and not judgmental. I imagined the elderly woman told her the baby was beautiful, slipped her a twenty, and told her where to find a free clinic. We could all use a little more grace.

My biological clock’s ticking expresses itself by wanting to hang out with all of the puppies and kittens. And mush them and squush them, boop their noses and tickle their bellies and give them a billion kisses. 

All dogs are puppies and all cats are kittens, no matter how old they are or how enormous they may be.

I think babies are cute, I love children, just don’t need to actually have them be mine, so to speak. But that deep, instinctive bonding that people call maternal? Animals. It’s in my bones, my ovaries and (obviously) my heart.

czarinaczarina said:

What type of candy do you think each member would be ? :)

first off, can i just say this is the cutest question ever?! LOL 

I think Mark would be a Hershey’s cookies and creme chocolate (not just because it’s my favourite kind of candy.. haha!) because he’s silly yet still quiet but then cool??? so he’s a mix of different things, just like the chocolate! 

I think Jinyoung would be a lollipop just because he seems like a pretty smart and artsy dude so he’s got a big brain. So like.. the lollipop stick is his body and then the actual lollipop is his brain. does that make sense? hahahahha 

JB would be a Caramilk Chocolate bar (like those bars of chocolates with caramel on the inside) because on the outside he looks all tough n stuff and cool but on the inside he’s just MUSH and sweet, but still cool LOL 

Jackson is totally a Werther’s Original (like those caramel candies!) because he’s exactly the same on the outside as he is on the inside — loud, hilarious, and just…… weird… but still sweet like caramel. :-) 

BamBam would be an Aero chocolate bar because he’s cute n bubbly just like the chocolate inside LOL 

I think Youngjae would be a gumdrop because he’s just sorta there sitting all cute and fluffy and then all of a sudden he opens his mouth and sings and it’s like that SOUR punch because you didn’t see that coming LOL 

Yugyeom is a jelly-filled doughnut (sorry I know this isn’t really candy, but it’s still a sweet so I thought it was okay haha!) because he’s different on the inside than he appears on the outside, AKA super manly and pretty good looking and then on the insides he’s like “lol i’m the maknae” 

the-adler-violin said:

Benedict taking you on a walk and not telling you where you are going until he reaches a wooded area and says "I've always wanted to take you here" and then he holds your hand and kisses it, and you just melt, and he slowly leans into you, staring into your eyes for over a minute and he reduces you to a quivering mush craving every inch of him.


Imagine all the Newsies at a theme park....
  • Spot and Race are going around trying to terrorize the other little children and trying to get them to gamble with them. 
  • Mush is dragging Blink around on every ride until Blink throws up from motion sickness, then they just sit around and eat a bunch of food until Blink throws up again. 
  • Jack is smoking behind the Go-Karts because he thinks he is “too cool” for the park.
  • David is running around trying to find Jack and keep an eye on Les and making sure everyone is okay and everyone has sunscreen and that nobody is running around hungry. He doesn’t even have time to go on any of the rides. 
  • Bumlets, Dutchy, and Specs are kings of the spinning tea cups. Then they spend an hour tops on the Ferris wheel, then move on to the carousel…until they’ve annoyed every worker manning every Kiddie ride at the park. They are having so much fun that they couldn’t care less.  
  • Crutchy dominates at all the midway games because he isn’t allowed on any of the rides with his crutch. He wins Jack all these huge stuffed animals that Jack couldn’t care less about, but can’t get rid of them and so his bunk back at home is covered in them. 
  • Les meets some girl on one of the rides and buys her an ice cream cone and David nearly has a heart attack when he sees the two of them holding hands. 
  • Snipeshooter, Tumbler, and Boots are threatening to soak one of the ride attendants for not letting them on the roller coaster because they’re “too short.” 
  • Jake and Pie Eater are banned from the snack bars because of ordering “questionably large amounts of funnel cake.”
  • Skittery is moping around about all his favorite rides getting closed and how its too hot, and too loud and then just ends up joining Jack for a smoke. 

I was tagged by ze momma for the 6 selfie tag! But since I lack the ability to take a serious selfie, I make ten chins and do a lot of weird shit with my nose and face shape. If you have my skype, this isn’t a surprise. The last one was last minute and I didn’t feel like making a mush face.

Yeah….this is the person you follow. I can’t tag anyone because I don’t know anyone who I think is willing to do this ok gotta do the handwriting tag bye.

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One of the most amazing things I’ve seen. I’m so jealous!

There is a gif going round, but I think the video is so mush better ^^

Playing with Pardus the black leopard at Cheetah Experience

Just Because You Acknowledge You Are Being Rude, Doesn't Mean You Are No Longer Rude

The morning Coffee really can make the difference. If not for the Caffeine kick, then the bold flavor will perk almost anyone up. So sometimes people like to grab some to-go before work. Maybe even just grab some to enjoy while at work. I can respect that.

Is asking you not to be made of penis first thing too mush to ask though? (Not that there is anything wrong with penis, but when your entire body weight consists of giant throbbing penis its a problem okay?) Time and time again Ive greeting people in the customary fashion, only to have money thrust towards me and a grunt resembling a drink order fall past a customers lips.

This has happened only twice in my career, once a few years back, and once today. (a few days ago from when you are reading this) It was shortly after we opened the doors. I was working through morning prep and noticed a young lady trot up the the counter. She ordered a frap. As I was writing down the order she says to me:

"Not to be rude, but can you hurry? I have to get to work."


I was actually thrown off for a good 5 seconds before I responded. A smile and a nod as usual but I was screaming on the inside.

Oh, you need ME to hurry because YOU are late, and for some STUPID REASON, you thought it would be a good plan to buy a coffee?!

I made it a point to go my normal speed. The Icing? She thanked me for being so quick. I’m counting the hours to my vacation.

Evangeline Lilly is going to be in NYC while I’ll be in Hawaii for Lost 2014 (don’t freak out she’s not turning her back on lost, it’s just that she’s filming in Georgia which is a million times closer than hawaii) and she said this and now I’m a pile of mush.