in the moment

your scent lingered of lavender and fire
the way your crass was sprung from a hug turned bliss
tried to write love but all has become mush
my fingers bleed normality and my breath is of uncertainty

you were all but ever, your fear of forever and never
a mind of a boy and the body of ones own
i die to think, your constant fears of brink
rather than with, you move with yield

a soulful life of yellow, a constant show of jagged edges
you stand with no attempt for hover
the letter of your death sits at the end of the bed
cancer that brought two to their edge
i lift from underneath, try to spring you to think

questions of past to future, our endless calls
you at the morgue, details of bodies that once lived
a tease that suddenly, without a notice of departure
moments of our truth, lying on the couch
hand pressed against my chest stroking life in its moment

we were only ever a moment until you asked for more
i only ever asked for the moment, but you seem to think i asked for more
you moved with fears while i swayed my hips
a pace of aggression and tension, constant fears that you couldn’t seem to comprehend
i wanted, but you could never frolic or flow

bathing in excuse after excuse while your eyes exude
i can’t seem to bend or break or find assurance within you
i see how you bleed and how the rapid moves slowly
the way you speak and ask to love more than yourself

as fierce as a lion and as shallow as the clear of malibu
you were never till i moved with ever
sharing a moment of bliss and your kiss
the teeth that broke my neck
i swim near the deck hoping you figure the ocean and understand why i never mind relaxing in something that seemed so shipwrecked


Static is loud only if you leave
the doors wide open,
so if you’re feeling overwhelmed
it is alright to put the earmuffs on
and shut the door.

White noise has a way of
scrambling the speeches I’ve
stockpiled in your memory—suddenly
all the arguments and pleas
become nothing more than
nonsense rearrangements of the
alphabet, a distasteful mush of

I knocked and knocked, pleading
with you to please come out and
listen to what I have to say. There
are certain ways of speaking that
have been lost to you, I know,
just as I understand that my attempts
to turn the hands of a stopped clock are worthless,
but can you blame me for trying?

I am bewitched by every turn I make
into this dungeon. Maybe you’ll tell
me that white is not a dungeon color
but I tell you, it is, it is
an insane unhealthy color that
holds too much under its
dreamy façade.

It is so unpleasant to me,
so why do I keep opening the
doors and holding your limp body to
my heart? I keep allowing myself to
be inundated, over and over again,
in this apathetic despair.
I will let these varied
molecules of “myself” to be
dashed and churned into the
static that has already stolen you.

The Battle Continues: Ron Reagan Censored by CBS

The Freedom From Religion Foundation's ad featuring Reagan speaking about the intrusion of religion into the US's secular government was not accepted for broadcast by the network, though Comedy Central had already run in on two separate programs. It is clear that theists still hold plenty of power since such a major network fears offending them. The secularist point of view is unwelcome when the majority of society are a gaggle of mush-minded believers who do not tolerate skeptical opposition. As we've noted time and again, the struggle is on and support of the FFRF—a large group which has had success in litigating separation of church and state issues—is essential for all who oppose theist irrationality impinging on our society.

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore


Mommy Journal: Finishing week 16

In sha Allah tomorrow week 17 begins! Its going pretty fast subhanAllah but I really don’t see outward changes as much yet.
Weight gain is basically non existent at this point which is normal but im pretty sure im supposed to be eating more. I do feel the baby move and kick sometimes but only when I am lying down. If I press where I suspect the baby is often it’ll kick back as if I disturbed it. Hehe
Im really surprised my bump hasn’t really formed properly yet though considering baby is projected to be the size of an avacado/onion. Where does it even go? We also heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time but I honestly thought it sounded like mush and I felt it was too high (190-200bpm) but they said it was normal so okay.
Its funny when people ask me how the baby is doing though because I really know as much about that as they do at this point.

In sha Allah cannot wait to find out the gender in a few more weeks :)

whenhailfreezesover said:

so apparently natasha fosters dogs in her spare time and now i can't stop thinking carmilla's a total fucking softy with animals

big softy carmilla loving cats and birds and rabbits and being so gentle and kind with them and everyone is just so startled bc yeah they figured the cat thing i mean carmilla is essentially a cat personified but she just becomes a mush of “oh my gOD LOOK AT THE BUNNY” but obviously in a more cool casual way but it’s there u can see it u can totally see the inner animal lover in her and everyone maybe falls in love a lil bit with carmilla the one day they walk in and she’s sitting on the bed holding a bunny reading some philosophy book 

anonymous said:

What's it like having so many 'half' siblings?

Half siblings, adopted, doesn’t change how mush it sucks butt. Do you know how much fast food and pizza they eat? A young prince needs real food!!


Mobius Ronpa (or “Sonic Ronpa” as I called it on Pixiv as I dunno how many folks there are familiar with Mobius), a set I’d been working on for so long that my brain had turned to mush by the time I made it to the last set (Junko, Leon, and Maizono). Don’t work for over nine hours straight, kids!

It was fun determining who’d be what species. Some notes:

* Kirigiri is a German Shepherd because, to my knowledge, they can be trained both for public-order-keeping and cadaver recovery.

* sonyshock had previously attributed “meerkat” to Ishimaru, and since that was the perfect species for him, I borrowed it.

* Hagakure gave me the most difficulty, unsurprisingly. I finally winged it and went with the first species to come to mind (deer).


About three things I was absolutely positive.

First, I was embarassed.

Second, there was a part of me—and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be—that was flattered.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably reduced to a puddle of blushing mush at this ask.

papaxcreature said:

"Seamus, I need your help with something." (( Youtuber!Kootra. XD ))

"No." It was a solid answer, didn’t take mush time or thought because the minute he heard ‘Help’ he wanted no part in it. There was no way he was dealing with Jordan’s shit today.

Today, I was laid off. Tomorrow is the last day I sit at my desk.

Am I worried? A little.

Am I sad? Not really.

Am I ready to move on? Definitely.

When I was at Burning Man, I was told to “trust the journey.” Even when the rain turns the road to mush or the wind obscures the way with dust, we all should keep going forward because the interesting part is not knowing where you’ll end up.