David Lebe created this image by using a penlight to trace the features of a man and the bedroom in which he sits. Lebe describes his penlight photographs of male figures as representations of “the sexual electricity that we can feel along our skin when in proximity with someone we are attracted to.” The photograph is on view in “In Dialogue: Wolfgang Tillmans

Angelo in Robe”; 1979 (negative), 1995 (print); by David Lebe (© David Lebe)

Happy birthday to Jacques-Louis David, born this day in 1748. This double portrait of Pope Pius VII and French papal legate Cardinal Caprara also appears in David’s huge “The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of Empress Joséphine on December 2, 1804” at the Louvre Museum.

Portrait of Pope Pius VII and Cardinal Caprara,” c. 1805, by Jacques-Louis David


Museum Leverianum, containing select specimens from the museum of the late Sir Ashton Lever on Flickr.

By Shaw, George, 1751-1813 
Edwards, Sydenham, 1769—181 Reinagle, Philip, 1749-1833 Ryley, Charles Reuben, 1752—179 Skelton, William, 1763-1848 Stone, Sarah, ca 1-60-1
Publication info [London] :Impensis Jacobi Parkinson,1792-1796.
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