We got to take a little tour of the meteorite collection at the museum today! It was one of those existential moments where I realized I was surrounded by objects older than the earth, some even older than the solar system. And I got to TOUCH one of them (that baby is 4 billion years old right there). It was really neat getting the deets on pre-solar diamonds and what makes a differentiated meteor, etc. Plus I got to hold a Mars rock (in a plastic case, granted) that was worth $187,000! It would have fit easily in the palm of my hand, so definitely not that large.

Diamonds are great, but space rocks are literally forever.



Movieland Wax Museum
Buena Park, California

Achieving stardom in “East of Eden,” his first picture, Dean had a brief, brilliant career. Besides “Rebel,” he made “Giant,” for which he was nominated to receive the year’s Best Performance Award. But he died in a tragic auto accident, aged 24, before he knew results of the balloting.


Description of new reptiles, or imperfectly known to the collection of the Museum of Natural History and notes on the classification and characteristics of reptiles on Flickr.

By. Duméril, Auguste Henri André, .
Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (France) .
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Tiziano Vecellio (Pieve di Cadore, c. 1480/1485 - Venezia, 27 agosto 1576/Venice, Aug. 27 1576)

Today is the anniversary of Tiziano Vecellio (Titian)’s death.

Some of his famous paintings:

  • Venere di Urbino (Venus from Urbino) (1537-1538) Google Maps
  • ritratto di musico (Portrait of a musician) (1515-1520) Google Maps
  • ritratto di Paolo III con i nipoti Alessandro e Ottavio (Portrait of the Pope Paulus III with the nephews Alexander and Octavius) (1546) Google Maps
  • ritratto di Eleonora Gonzaga Della Rovere, Duchessa di Urbino (Portrait of Eleonora Gonzaga della Rovere, Duchess of Urbino) (1536-1538) Google Maps
  • la Bella (The Belle) (1536-1538) Google Maps
  • martirio di San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence’s Martyrdom) ( 1551-c. 1559) Google Maps
  • ritratto di Pietro Aretino (Portrait of Pietro from Arezzo) (1544) Google Maps
  • polittico Averoldi (Averoldi Polypthych) (1520-1522) Google Maps
  • ritratto di Giulio Romano (Portrait of Giulio Romano) (c. 1536) Google Maps