As part of the many changes happening in our lobby, visitors will soon be greeted with new artworks such as these towering 18-foot wooden figures by the Brooklyn artist, KAWS.

[KAWS (American, born 1974). ALONG THE WAY, 2013. Brooklyn Museum; Gift in honor of Arnold Lehman. (Photo: Adam Reich, courtesy of Mary Boone Gallery, New York)]


Collection’s Highlight: Two Piece Silk Dress 

Dove into a box to fulfill a request from a tumblr user, and came out with this wonderful two piece ensamble also! Changeable silk in blue and purple is a delight to the eye.  Royal blue silk and velvet accents add flair. 

Fit Note: There should be more of a bump and bustle to the back of the skirt but I am working with limited mannequin materials so I had to improvise a bit.  Also, the buttons have been removed so the meeting of the material at center front, and center bottom of the bodice is a bit off. 

Can anyone give me a good word for those big pleats at the hem of the bodice? I see them frequently and do not have the official word to describe them. Thanks! 

Bodice, ca. 1880, Silk, L: 31in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of MF Huntington, N0269.1944a. 

Skirt, ca. 1880, Silk, L: 31.5 in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of MF Huntington, N0269.1944b.

Was wäre, wenn jeder Tag in unserem Leben archiviert würde. Wie wir uns gefühlt haben, mit welchen Menschen wir zu tun hatten, wie wir unsere Zeit verbacht haben. Und am Ende unseres Lebens würde ein Museum errichtet, mit dem Zweck unser Leben exakt so zu zeigen, wie wir es erlebt haben.

Pt 47-65 Silhouette by Frühtau

Steam hauled passenger trains runned until 2013 on three railwaylines around Wolsztyn (ex Wollstein). Wolsztyn is a famous active steam locomotive museum (standart gauge) in west Poland.

Hopefully a limited traffic service with steam trains will come back in future. But during the season they also run many special trains with steam locomotives.

Poland, July 1998 (scanned slide)