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"I used to think this scar marked me – the mark of the banished prince, cursed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I've realized I'm free to determine my own destiny, even if I'll never be free of my mark."
[Announcement] Block B is officially coming to America!

Jazzy Group has just made their announcement! Block B will be coming in June to hold three showcases. The first city has been revealed to be NYC and there are still two more locations to be confirmed. Congratulations to BBC in NYC! Because of the notice being so early on, that gives all of the fans quite a while to orchestrate a very warm welcoming from the boys. This is where our work begins!

The first phase of the fan project will be simply collection of data. Do you have an idea for the boys that you think is amazing or need help to carry out? Let us know! Let’s make this a tour to remember and shower the boys with our love. If you are a BBC in CST, EST, or PST (especially EST at this point in time) and would like to help with preparations, please email robin@blockbamerica.com as soon as possible! Please look forward to more information and thank you!

Block B America

sewdier said:

it was warm, and more than unexpected, but as things crumbled around her, she couldn’t help but nervously dig the pads of her fingers into the muscles in his forearms, though the digits shook slightly, she was more than happy that he had embraced her from behind, for the resolve in her eyes shook more than her physical form ever could.

she could hear his breath, his heartbeats, could understand the sounds of his vitals as they came to match her own in rhythm, as they sped up in reaction to the close proximity, and she felt nothing but grateful for them.

for they were a sign that they were alive, he was alive, that they could still move forward.

and though she found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, she found herself leaning closer to that rock, because with the support of someone hardened, she’d learn to weather the storm. though, such a thing, she would never admit.

instead, she let the flush in her cheeks turn to words, and true to her normal self, came to freeze up rather jerkily as his own grip tightened around her waist. 

ya’d better watch where those hands are wanderin’, big guy! )


( can’t put it past a pervert ta’ not cop a feel, but if ya’ even try, i’ll break all your fingers, one by one! …. if ya’ keep it up like ya’ are, i just might admit that it — that it feels nice. )

and we're live!

Hello, BBC!

I am officially launching a Block B fanbase under the name Block B America and it’s at the perfect time, too! Jazzy Group US hasn’t made an official announcement, but if their hardly mysterious photograph is anything to judge by, our boys will most definitely be on American soil this year! There are plenty of small fan events and things planned for Block B and BBC, so follow and stay tuned for more!

Block B America

drxhan said:

"Matters of the heart."

Send me “Matters of the Heart”… and I’ll generate a number between 1-45 and my character will answer a love-related headcanon question.

18 ] Love triangles - can they ever work out?

"Sure! For someone, somewhere." He’s almost instantaneous in giving his answer, fingers playing with his glasses frame as he explains his view. The topic of discussion has come up once or twice. "Polyamory is perfectly healthy, key is communication. They never have that in the movies.”  

"For me? I’m not so sure. I haven’t really explored it."

aimerfonce said:

when the man she proclaimed to be a skeezeball slipped his arms around her waist, she reacted as expected. for, though she had come to trust the man with things far greater than her own life, as an ally, as a warrior, she knew she could trust him to catch her when she fell, however, as a man, she held no such trust in his sometimes capable hands.

soft words were whispered into her ear, sultry and thick as his voice always was, almost sexual in a way catered exactly towards getting a rise, riling a reaction, out of the inexperienced young woman, and as predicted, he shifted ever closer, the warmth of his bare chest and thighs pressing well against her own frozen, jerky limbs.

her knees and elbows locked, and, starting in her fingertips, a shiver carried up and down her spine, through her veins, freezing her nerves and boiling her blood.

for it was not as if she was uncomfortable with the invasion of her space. she held her most important person just over her heart at all times. even mako, a treasured friend, gave little respect to the boundaries ryuko had designated as her own.

she had grown used to it, affection in the form of touches. though, she was still a child, though her heart and mind had aged beyond her physical limits with the years of stress she had lived through, she had not aged mentally, had not gone through the experiences that would figuratively make her into a woman.

she had barely just gained confidence in her own body, and an indifference towards what others thought of it. she was no exhibitionist, but she was proud of the form she had grown into.

and as her teacher, he had mentioned time in and time out he would be willing to teach her.

and sometimes, when he caught her gaze and held her close, in the darkness and the weakness and the times where only he could see her wide eyes and neglected, childish, fearful self still shining through, she could almost take him up on that offer.

though their friendship carried far beyond the thought of being just allies, though he saw her as a woman, it was forever a physical attraction.

that was not a path she was ready to travel, so instead, she reacted as she always did, her slow, relaxed breaths heating up, speeding up, the flush growing heavy in her cheeks as her growl did in her voice, her fingers balling into fists over the hands he’d laced together just under the swell of her breasts.

( oi, pervert. i told ya’ i ain’t interested in your private lessons. hands off. )


( you’re actin’ damn needy today, and i don’t understand why. this ain’t like ya’, stripper sensei. i get it, shit is gettin’ heavy, but i ain’t your little girl, i ain’t somethin dad left behind for ya’ ta’ protect, so stop tryin’ ta’ take me under your wing. just do what i asked ya’ to do so many times. watch my back, ya’ stupid stripper, watch my back, and i’ll watch yours, and — we’ll be ok, we’ll make it out, yeah? )