anonymous said:

do you think the museum of death is suitable for people under 18 or no. my little sister who's 13 wants to go but i dont know if i should take her.

the museum has a severed head, coffin collection, autopsy/embalming tool collection, taxidermy, a skull collection, actual art from murderers/serial killers such as John Gacy and I think Richard Ramirez, clothes worn by execution victims, original photos from the Chinese beheadings, black dahlia murder crime scene and charles manson crime scenes, and footage of actual deaths/murders. (I listed everything I could remember, there’s other crime scene photos I couldn’t remember).
I started feeling not really nauseous, but just that weird feeling in the black dahlia room because it’s just that “oh, that’s an actual person” realization. (that room is offset though so you don’t have to walk through it). if she really wants to go, and you think she can handle it, go ahead.