I went after my victims by walking among the markets searching for a girl with a certain look on her face - a look of innocence and beauty.  She would be a good girl, working with her mother. I followed them sometimes for two or three days, waiting for when she was left alone.  I would give her a trinket like a hand mirror, then take her to the edge of town where I would promise a trinket for her mother.

I would take her to a secret hideaway where prepared graves waited. Sometimes there were bodies of earlier victims there.  I cuddled them and then raped them at sunrise.

-Pedro López


When Erin Caffey was 16, she concocted a plan to kill her family because her parents did not approve of her relationship with a slightly older guy. In March 2008, as everyone was asleep, two young men burst into the Caffey home and brutally slaughtered Erin’s younger siblings. Using a samurai sword, Erin’s mother would be stabbed in the neck, nearly decapitating her. Mr. Caffey suffered from multiple gunshots,  but managed to drag himself out of the house before it would engulf in flames. Erin Caffey pleaded guilty to all counts of murder and will not be eligible for parole until she serves about 40 years of her sentence.

Mr. Caffey managed to forgive his daughter, and can be seen pictured with her while in prison above. The bottom photo shows the ruins of the Caffey home as a result of the fire.


Arthur Shawcross was known as “The Genesee River Killer”. Arthur started out committing crimes like burglary and arson. Those crimes got him a 5 year prison sentence. He served a little less then two years of his sentence before being released, in October, 1971.

Upon his release, Arthur returned to Watertown, NY. He was able to get a job with the Public Works Department. During that time he also married for the 3rd time. On May 7th, 1972, Arthur sexually assaulted and murdered a 10 year old boy, Jack Owen Blake.

4 months later on September 2nd, 1972, Arthur raped and murdered 8 year old, Karen Ann Hill. The little girl had been in town visiting her mother for the weekend. Arthur was arrested in October and confessed to both of the murders. 

Arthur was able to work out a plea bargain. He told them that he would give them the location of Jack Owen Blake’s body, in exchange for a manslaughter charge in the murder of Karen Hill. The plea was accepted and all other charges against Arthur, except for the manslaughter charge were dropped.

Arthur was given a 25 year sentence. He would only be locked up for 12. The prison staff and social workers decided to disregard the advice of Psychiatrists, who diagnosed Arthur as a psychopath. The prison staff decided that Arthur no longer looked like a dangerous man. They released him on parole in April 1987.

Nobody wanted a pedophile and child killer living in their neighborhood. Arthur moved around a lot trying to find a place that didn’t protest him living or working there. Arthur’s parole officer finally moved Arthur and his new girlfriend to Rochester, New York. The parole officer did not notify the Rochester police about Arthur’s criminal background.

A little less than a year later, Arthur began murdering again. This time it was not children, this time it was prostitute’s. He would be captured a little less than two years into his killing spree. He would end up being convicted of 11 murders, with a possible 12th that he was not charged with. 

The infamous retired detective, Robert Keppel, said that detectives investigating the case had relied too much on the killer’s M.O. At times, the police were looking for multiple killers because of the slight differences with each victim. 

Arthur was not a serial killer that could be put in a box. He changed not only his victim type, but there were slight differences in each of the murders he committed. His 11th victim, June Cicero, was discovered by aerial surveillance on January 3rd, 1990.

Arthur was seen on surveillance urinating off of a bridge. Below the bridge the water was frozen over and on top of the ice was the body of Arthur’s final victim. Arthur was arrested and confessed to the murders. 

Arthur pled not guilty by reason of insanity. A Psychiatrist testified on Arthur’s behalf, telling the court that he had multiple personality disorder, PTSD, and had been abused as a child. 

Arthur was eventually diagnosed as having Anti-Social Personality Disorder, was found sane at the time of the crimes and was sentenced to serve 250 years in prison. 

Arthur died on November 10th, 2008. Officials said that Arthur had complained about leg pain that day. He was taken to Albany Medical Center where he went into cardiac arrest. He died later that night. He was cremated. 


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Tricky justice

The prosecutor of Maryland in Baltimore Marilyn Mosby acknowledged the death of Freddy Gray as murder. She said, that all the six police officers, involved in the arrest of Gray, will be charged, including second-degree murder and manslaughter.
I’m sure that, in the end, these people will not suffer any punishment, as this statement is a common ploy in an attempt to pacify the crowd. Law enforcement agencies of America have lost the people’s trust long ago.




These cops or various other white supremacist (whether white or naw) keep using this excuse of “I TOLD/ASKED THEM TO BE QUIET…” bullshit to justify their initial interactions with the black men and women that they murder.
These black people were literally minding their own business not giving two fucks about the white (or naw) oppressor that was obviously studying them in one way or another.
These oppressors purposely stir shit up so they can try to murder us…even when we’re just walking down the street.
This M.O. has happened so much that if they claim a person had a gun, or knife, or goldfish that they “thought” they were reaching for I don’t even begin to believe it.
So ppl can’t police WHAT you say under the 1st amendment… but the can however murder you for how LOUDLY you say it? Well…if your black—I guess that’s supposed to be the difference?


1st Row Pics: Laurie Show, Laurie’s Grave 

2nd Row Pics:  The floor of Laurie’s room where her body had been, The lower half of Laurie’s body showing the struggle

3rd Row Pics: A bloody sweater believed to belong to Tabitha Buck, Laurie’s body, Lisa Michelle Lambert

4th Row Pics: Tabitha Buck and Lawrence “Butch” Yunkin

Laurie Show, 16, and Lisa Michelle Lambert were friends at one time. That is until Lambert found out that Laurie had dated a guy over the summer, the same guy that Lambert was in love with. That guy was Lawrence “Butch” Yunkin.

Yunkin was not seeing Lambert over the summer when he dated Laurie. Yunkin and Laurie had went out on a few dates, but during the last time they were together, Yunkin raped her. Laurie told her mother about the incident, but Laurie did not want to press charges. She thought it would make the situation worse. Yunkin resumed dating Lambert after Laurie stopped seeing him. Lambert ended up pregnant with his child.

Lambert and her friend, Tabitha Buck, began harrassing Laurie. They would show up at her work and threaten her. They would verbally assault her anytime they saw her. Witnesses said they had heard Lambert on several occasions say that she wanted to hurt Laurie and slit her throat. She was completely obsessed with and terribly jealous of Laurie.

On December 21st, 1991, Laurie’s Mother, Hazel, received a phone call that she thought was from the school guidance counselor. The person on the phone requested a meeting with Hazel and asked her to come up to the school. 

The person who called was not a school counselor, they just wanted Hazel out of the house. When Hazel got to the school and realized that there was no meeting, she got a sick feeling in her stomach. She raced home and found her daughter lying in a pool of blood with her throat cut. The gash to her throat was 5 inches long and she also was stabbed in the back which damaged her lung and spine. She had several defensive wounds on her body. 

Laurie was still alive at this point. Hazel was talking to her and trying to get a response. Laurie’s last words to her mother before she passed away were “Michelle did it”.

Police arrested Lambert, Yunkin and Buck later that same day at a bowling alley. Police determined that Yunkin had dropped Lambert and Buck off at Laurie’s house with the plan of them killing her. Yunkin claimed that he drove the girls over to Laurie’s house, but he thought that they were just going to cut her hair and scare her a bit. Once he picked them up and realized that they had killed the girl, he helped them dispose of evidence and tried to provide them with an alibi. 

Lambert’s defense was to turn on Yunkin. She said that he was abusive and he had threatened her and made her assault and harass Laurie. 

All 3 of the friends were tried for Laurie’s murder. Yunkin had turned on Lambert and provided the prosecution with details he was told by Lambert about the murder. A pair of sweatpants that Lambert was wearing during the murder were presented as evidence. They tested positive for having Laurie’s blood on them. 

Both Lambert and Buck received Life without Parole sentences. Yunkin had received a much lesser sentence because of his testimony against the girls. He was released on parole in 2003. 

Lambert filed an appeal and the sentence was overturned, but another Judge reinstated her sentence and put her back in prison. Lambert provided addition information to the prosecution. She told them that Yunkin had participated in the murder. She said that he choked Laurie. Lambert’s Lawyer tried to say that Lambert did not participate in the murder at all. The Lawyer stated that Lambert was told by Yunkin to leave the room. The defense wanted the court to believe that Lambert was a battered woman and she was forced to take the blame by her abuser. 

In 1996 Lambert sued the correctional institution where she was imprisoned stating that she had been raped by a guard and nothing was done about it. She received a $35,000 settlement and the guard received a 1.5-3 year jail term. 

In August, 1998, A Judge upheld the Life without Parole sentence for both girls. The Judge said that even if he believed Lambert’s story, which he didn’t, she would still get a life sentence for being an accomplice. Lambert kept having her Lawyer file appeals. She tried to get her sentence reduced 3 more times and was rejected each time. She exhausted her appeals in 2005. 


Justin Timberlake - Murder

Choreography by Blake McGrath