[Info] Kim Dongwan's new musical "Le Passe-muraile (The Man Who Walked Through Walls)"

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Kim Dongwan is once again returning as a musical actor as “Dutilleul” in “Le Passe-muraile (The Man Who Walked Through Walls)”, following 2011’s musical “Hedwig”.

Musical “Le Passe-muraile” starts of as a story about a normal post office employee, Dutilleul, who realises he has the ability to walk through walls, and is a work that is gaining anticipation this Winter through a delightful and lively imagination and a touching love story.

We ask for lots of support for musical “Le Passe-muraile”, which starts November 2013 at Daehakro Arts Center, Hongik University.

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[Performance information]
- Name: Musical <Le Passe-muraile>
- Period: 2023.11.13(Wed) ~ 2014.01.26 (Sun)
- Time: Tues ~ Fri 8pm / Sat 3pm, 7pm / Sun & Public Holidays 2pm, 6pm
- Venue: Daehakro Art Center, Hongik University
- Ticket open date: 25 September 2013 (Wed), 10am
*Casting schedule, ticket categories and prices will be announced later.
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*All times in KST.

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