[Info] Kim Dongwan's new musical "Le Passe-muraile (The Man Who Walked Through Walls)"

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Kim Dongwan is once again returning as a musical actor as “Dutilleul” in “Le Passe-muraile (The Man Who Walked Through Walls)”, following 2011’s musical “Hedwig”.

Musical “Le Passe-muraile” starts of as a story about a normal post office employee, Dutilleul, who realises he has the ability to walk through walls, and is a work that is gaining anticipation this Winter through a delightful and lively imagination and a touching love story.

We ask for lots of support for musical “Le Passe-muraile”, which starts November 2013 at Daehakro Arts Center, Hongik University.

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[Performance information]
- Name: Musical <Le Passe-muraile>
- Period: 2023.11.13(Wed) ~ 2014.01.26 (Sun)
- Time: Tues ~ Fri 8pm / Sat 3pm, 7pm / Sun & Public Holidays 2pm, 6pm
- Venue: Daehakro Art Center, Hongik University
- Ticket open date: 25 September 2013 (Wed), 10am
*Casting schedule, ticket categories and prices will be announced later.
- Source: Interpark ticket 

*All times in KST.

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[News] Kim Dongwan, "recommends Junjin from amongst the Shinhwa members to act in Le Passe-muraile", why?

Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan has recommended Junjin to be a musical actor.

On the 4th, at the revealing of the practice room and press conference of musical “Le Passe-muraile” at a practice room in Daehakro, Seoul, Kim Dongwan was asked which Shinhwa member he’d recommend as a musical actor, and he answered, “I’d like to entrust Dutilleul to Junjin.”

He showed his mischievous side by adding, “I hope he can pass through the wall and continue forward, though I’m not sure if the Director will like that.”

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[Trans] 2013-09-26 Shinhwa Company Facebook update

[From the Administrator]
“Dongwan” Le-passe muraile is very challenging for me. Till the end of the musical, I’ll only fill up my time with hard work put into becoming “Dutilleul”.
The Montmatre Paris here is the best!

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