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غزة… دموع وانتصار

Documentary from the eyes of the resistance.

Allah yunsur al muqawama. Long live the resistance that keeps freedom alive and refuses to concede or cower. Yunsur al muqawmimeen, the steadfast fighters who fight for the oppressed and the basic human rights we casually take for granted. 

The killing of three Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank in late June was the opportunity for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to test the misleading theory on Hamas’ weakened position. He launched his war that eventually mounted into a genocide, hoping that Hamas and other resistance groups would be forced to disarm or be completely eradicated — as promised by various Israeli officials.

Netanyahu’s response was to increase the price of Palestinian resistance by inflicting as much harm on Palestinian civilians as possible: He killed over 1,900, wounded nearly 10,000, a vast majority of whom were civilians, and destroyed numerous schools, mosques, hospitals, and thousands of homes, thus sending hundreds of thousands of people on the run. But where does one run when there is nowhere to go?

Gaza managed to keep Israel at bay in a battle of historic proportions. Once its children are buried, it will once again rebuild its defenses for the next battle. For Palestinians in Gaza, this is not about mere resistance strategies, but their very survival.

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كلمة وفاء من حركة حماس الى الشعب الفلسطيني حول تدمير مساجد غزة

A documentary video published by Harokatul Muqowwamatil Islamiyyah a.k.a HAMAS. You’re going to watch how the masjids are destroyed by Yahudi Israeli la’natulloh ‘alaihim (may Allah curse them). Yet the Palestinian muslimin are still doing various activities there. What a strong personality!

Masjid is not only a place of praying. It is a very important place for muslim, especially in Gaza. It is a center of tarbiyyah (education). That’s what the narrator said. Poorly I only understand a little of what he narrated, since my Arabic is not really good.

Last but not least, I want to join them and say ” Ana al Muqowwamah! I am the Resistance!”


Sebuah video dokumenter dari HAMAS yang menunjukkan bagaimana masjid-masjid dibumihanguskan oleh tentara Yahudi Israel La’natulloh’alaihim. Saksikanlah bagaimana masjid-masjid tersebut rusak disana-sini, namun kaum muslimin tetap melakukan aktivitas sebagaimana biasanya di masjid tersebut. Sungguh sebuah teladan yang luarbiasa!

Masjid bukan sekadar tempat sholat. Masjid adalah tempat yang sangat penting bagi kaum muslimin, khususnya di Gaza. Masjid adalah pusat tarbiyyah (pendidikan). Begitulah yang disampaikan narator video ini. Sayangnya saya hanya bisa memahami sedikit dari apa yang ia narasikan. Maklum, bahasa Arab saya belum mumpuni.

Yah, ‘ala kulli hal, saya jadi ingin bergabung dengan mereka dan berteriak “Ana al Muqowwamah! Aku adalah Perlawanan!”

No matter how much I try to intellectualize Hizbullah for westerners to understand, it is sometimes the small, seemingly unimportant incidents, which i witness in my capacity as participant-observer, that best epitomize the essence of the movement. A case in point happened this evening when I stopped by a snack bar on my way home to buy a freshly squeezed exotic fruit cocktail. As I waited for my drink I heard that unmistakable sound of Seyyid Hassan Nasrallah’s defiant tone and it then struck me that I had missed his penultimate Ashura speech. Furious at myself for forgetting it (probably the second or third time that has ever happened to me), I asked where the noise was coming from. I was signaled to a tiny room where I found a very butch young guy, the kind who has over-developed muscles bursting out of his t-shirt, washing dishes in a tiny room. Next to the sink was his phone which was blaring out Seyyid Hassan’s live speech. I asked him if I had missed anything important. He gave me a look that said “Despite your hipster glasses and your lame request for no whipped cream topping , I have big love for you right now.” Then he called on Abu Shariff, an older man who was rolling out dough, to come fill me in as his phone had been confiscated for part of the speech. “No worries, you didn’t miss anything new” he muttered under his cigarette. “Tomorrow will be the bomb”. And that my friends, is how us Muqawama-istas roll.


المرأة نصف المجتمع و في فلسطين
المرأة نصف المقاومة
مقاتلات من كتائب المقاومة الوطنية
الجناح العسكري للجبهة الديمقراطيه لتحرير فلسطين

Women are half of the society and in Palestine
Women are half the resistance fighters of the national resistance brigades, the armed wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP)

"What would you do if you had to spend 2 hours making a trip that should take 10 minutes, because you are not allowed to travel certain roads? If your color-coded ID allowed you movement only within a small radius and you would be imprisoned if caught beyond your allotted space of ground? What if you could not work, if you were barred from worshiping in your holiest of cities just 10 minutes away? What if your children, as young as 10, were taken by heavily armed soldiers to be interrogated alone, imprisoned, tortured, forced to sign confessions in a language they cannot read and imprisoned by military courts? What if your family’s ancestral olive groves were confiscated by the state or burned by illegal settlers, your livelihood and history wiped away? What if you were forced from your home into a refugee camp so Jews from all over the world could take your place and have an extra country, dual citizenship, one in their own homeland and one in yours? What if your entire nation was terrorized and brutalized because someone killed three Jewish settlers, for which no evidence was ever presented and no trial conducted? If leaders of this military occupation in the highest offices called for your blood and the blood of your children, whom they call “little snakes,” and their intellectuals called for the rape of your mothers and sisters to deter your instinct to fight back?"

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Christian singer Julia Botrous honors fighters in Gaza with subtitles in English (الحق سلاحي). Her newly released 2014 music video “Righteousness is my weapon” refers to resistance movements in Gaza. 

Of course, Palestinians know best, much better than Obama and other preachers elsewhere. They know that collective resistance is not always a tactic determined through social media discussions; that when one’s children are pulverized by US-supplied killing technology, there is no time to lay flat and sing “we shall overcome,” but to prevent the rest of the tanks from entering into the neighborhood — be it Shujaiyya, Jabaliya or Maghazi. 

They also know that Israeli violence is a result of a decided political agenda, and is not tailored around the nature of Palestinian resistance. But more importantly, history has taught them, that when Israelis come to Gaza as invaders, few will stand in Gaza’s defense before the western-financed death machine but Gaza’s own sons and daughters. If Gazans don’t defend their cities, no one else will.

Although the disparity of the fight between Israel and Palestinian resistance is as highlighted today as ever before, Palestinian resistance has matured. The fact that they killed dozens of soldiers and only three civilians should be noted, as is Israel’s disgraceful targeting of hospitals, schools, UN shelters and even graveyards. Maintaining that level of discipline in the most unequal fight one can imagine is as close to the very battlefield ethics that the US and Israel often breach, but never, ever respect.

As great as Gandhi was in the context of his country’s struggle against colonialism, which remains a source of inspiration for many Palestinians, Palestine has its own heroes, resisters, women and men who are engraving a legend of their own in Gaza and the rest of Palestine.

Is it too soon to criticize the resistance?

What is Hamas’ exit strategy?! Not convinced Israel will ever go beyond resumption of status quo. So, is Hamas just pulling our strings or are they for real willing to go Bar Kokhba in this shit?

Zionist occupation proving to be more barbaric than the Romans. Is Gaza on board with this suicide mission? If not, what will the resistance do to those that betray our “sacred mission” towards justice?