ooc: That anon kind of rubbed me wrong just now.

It’s totally Monty’s business to decide how a character on his universe should be created. When you create a character in someone’s universe, it does matter how much they follow said universe’s rules. Monty declared that all characters must have a name referring to a color in RWBY, it’s only logical you should follow it. If you want to deviate from it, it’s alright. You are free to do what you want, but there will be people who will see that as a negative trait in your character.

That’s like, an OC who is two types of faunus at once. Or a character with two colors of aura, or a character that uses Magic(Monty specified there is no such thing as magic in RWBY)…you are bending the rules and that’s not…”professional”, I think it’s the word.


outofbutterflies: This is for getting 10 Sing!s, so… here you go… Um… This is where I got the instrumental, and here is where I got the lyrics. Um… please don’t think I actually translated the lyrics, and um… please I don’t take any credit for anything! I hope this is okay. I uh… Thank you for sending them in! And, um… thank you.