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Send me “sketch” and I will draw a picture of your muse.


Also tho I made him, or tried to make him, a little bit creepy U vU
Look at these teeth


anonymous asked:

Are there any other kids you hang out with in Glitzville?

“Umm…. there aren’t really a lot of kids that hang around in Glitzville long enough for me to be friends with. I’ll talk with some of them, but never for that long..”

“There was one kid though! I think he said his name was Bub? He comes here a LOT! He’s a teeny bit older than me, but he’s really funny! He has lots of money too! He bought, um, like, 50 hot dogs from the stand and we stood on the roof of the Juice Bar and threw them at people! It was like a hot dog rain storm! His parents got really mad when they saw us throwing them though… and Mush grounded me for, like, 15 minutes. It was really fun though! I hope he comes by again soon!”

(here ends the child m!a!! i know i didn’t really do 5 asks like i said but ITS DRAGGING ON TOO LONG and i cleared all the asks i had for it o: i have another really interesting m!a coming up though, i’ll start that one on tuesday!)


This is my part of the We’re a Guild, We’re Family Day!

and My Fairy is…. Tadaaaah!~ little-dragneel

Aimee sweetie I know that this is not enough, and it never will be! But I just want to tell you that you’re a very strong and wonderful Fairy!! I’m very, very proud of you! 

I’m sorry I don’t have my tablet atm but I promise you I’ll redo them when I have it sobs

Happy day everyone! And remember, we’re a guild, we’re family! Fairy Tail is our place, is our home! Our will! Let’s spread love and support, and NOT hate!

I really hope you can smile a little with this. Please don’t you dare to change your mind and your own will!

Love; Ari.