Nick Mundy first met Dwayne Johnson during an interview before Hercules was released. The interview was supposed to be intentionally awkward as the comedian ran through oddball questions about The Rock. Once Johnson found out Nick Mundy was actually just a comedian and a huge fan, he requested that Mundy attend several other events including one for a Furious 7 press junket.

Mundy started planning jokes for every encounter with Dwayne Johnson which he pitched to Johnson’s staff before the event. This time around, during a San Andreas press junket, the team turned Mundy down, leaving him upset; but what Mundy didn’t know was that his entire family, fiance, and Dwayne Johnson were all waiting downstairs to surprise him.




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I'm pretty sure in Slumber Party heaven was sealed off! So I think that she would have been stuck in the veil, like Kevin

Heaven was sealed off but the axis mundi is a big concept and they had to really gloss over it in Dark Side of the Moon. In all the lore it’s not a place that’s only in heaven, it connects the mortal plane to the heavenly one and you have to travel down it to get to your final resting place. According to the lore there is part of the axis mundi that exists outside of heaven. In Dark Side of the Moon Dean experienced a couple minutes of a memory with Sammy before Cas came through on the radio and said he was in heaven. It’s possible that those first few minutes happened while Dean was still on the earthly side of the axis mundi and Cas couldn’t reach him until he was pulled onto the heavenly side. If we do a lore based interpretation, Charlie’s memory could have been experienced on the earthly side of the axis mundi but she wouldn’t have been pulled any further down it because heaven was closed. It could also have been a hallucination, we don’t know because the canon didn’t define it. 

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Eure top 10 Lieblingslieder?

Das sind unsere faves im Moment, da wir zu weit sind natürlich 2x :

1. Genetikk - caput mundis
2. Lance butters- puff puff pass
3. Haftbefehl - 1999 pt.II
4. KcRebell - Augenblick
5. Credibil - doppelpunktklammerzu
6. ali - bitch
7. summer cem- dein ex
8. Genetikk - mal es in die Wolken
9. olsexesh - Avtomat
10. nazar- kanax

1. Caput Mundis / Genetikk
2. Die Welt heilt / Genetikk
3. Doppelpunktklammerzu / Credibil
4. Unsere Taten / Pa Sports
5. Spiegel / Hanybal
6. Aphrodite / Mosh36
7. Ich schaffe es / Kurdo
8. Augenblick / KC Rebell
9. Puff Puff Pass / Lance Butters
10. Anna Kournikova / Haftbefehl

No hay nada más mundano que no saber qué es mundano.