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You aren't alone on this one. I've just about lost all hope in humanity myself. Because I'm outgoing, I've always had people that wanted to be around me but, after they get to know me better they decide I need to change who I am. As a result I end up more hurt than if I never opened up in the first place. It's hard to guard who you are from people and make friends though. I'm 30 now and I just found a true friend. Keep being you!

Thank you.

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What's your favorite colour, season, food and why?

I like black and silver the most because they give out the classic and mysterious feelings :)

Winter is my favorite time of the year. First, because of snow which I’ve never had a chance to see. Second, I like the warmth of being under my blanket in this weather or being with someone important to you :)

Food: pizza and spaghetti because who doesnt like them XD