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i suddenly remembered something and i wasnt sure if you knew about it. The girl that played Rini in the dub was a DJ (i think ??) before she got the part and she sang a cover of M&M's Slim Shady so do urself a favor, go to youtube, type in Rini is the real sugar baby, and literally watch any of the videos that show up. sailor mini moon rapping. it's a miracle.

Ahhh yes, Stephanie “Sugar” Beard. It’s superbly ridiculous. I love her voice so much, it’s Rini encapsulated.

She used to have her own YouTube channel but I can’t find it. :(

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oh my god that sweater, you just know tristan has one with her face on it. she sent it to him <33

Oh my God, now I feel obliged to do a derpy sweater like that for Tristan too QvQ <333 …wait,what do I put on Ted’s sweater,though? *sweats nervously*

super late replies >///<

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i thought this was a park bom sim for half a minute, she’s so flippin cute!!

Haha, I really think Song Ah-Ri looks a bit like Park Bom too~ Thanks for liking her! <3

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Looks better than mine, haha! I think you are very close to making the person. It’s hard to make people because they have such dynamic faces and sim faces move in much different (cartoony) ways.

Haha,  I remember seeing yours a while ago! I know, it’s really hard because of that but still, I’m gonna try to make her look more like the actual person. I didn’t even get the body right, my sim looks chubbier than Song Ah-Ri. xD

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Melon and vanilla

melon - my first impression of you

"She seems nice."

vanilla - what i like most about you

You’re fun to hang out with and I like how blunt you can be. I also really enjoy your sense of humor~