sherlock: mummy now you have to start calling me sherlock because it makes me sound 10 times more dramatic

mummy: *sighs deeply* i knew this day was going to come *stripes through this event on her ‘dramatic things william will decide to do one day’ list*

Genuine Ancient Egyptian mummy hand. This is definitely one of the nicest ones that I have seen. This hand is in perfect condition and dates back to the Greco Roman period. For price inquiries or questions please email me at This is a high end antiquity so serious inquiries only please. U.S shipping. #oddities #mummified #mummyhand #anatomy #anatomical #realbones #realhumanbones #Artifacts


Behind The Scenes Photos from Classic Universal Monster Movies

Spearheaded by producer Carl Laemmle, Jr. and visionary makeup artist Jack Pierce, Universal Studios’ series of monster movies were responsible for giving the world of cinema its first true horror icons, laying the groundwork for all other iconic boogeymen to follow. 

Beginning in 1925 with the Lon Cheney fronted silent horror classic The Phantom of the Opera, Universal Studios churned out a series of monster movies that were heavy in tension, suspense and atmosphere, setting the ominous mood and tone for each film by way of thick fog, classical music scores and towering gothic castles. Adapting the works of such prominent literary figures as Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and H. G. Wells, Universal effectively established itself as Hollywood’s ‘House of Horrors’ and continued its landmark series through the 1960s, the last of its original iconic monsters arriving in 1954 with Creature From the Black Lagoon.

no but kid mycroft going “but mummy he doesn’t respond to william, he responds to sherlock, look! come here sherlock!” and baby sherlock giggles and clumsily takes his first steps towards his big bro

Sherlolly (not-quite-as) Short #6 - "You're not over me."


An arrangement is born when Sherlock provides his shoulder for Molly after each unsuccessful date.

It was late. Too late. The sky was dark, the streets empty and lamplight flooded Baker Street in an orange glow.

In the partially lit living room of 221B, Sherlock glanced at his watch and drummed his fingers impatiently against the leather chair; he and Molly had been in this ridiculous arrangement for several weeks now. It had started innocently enough, a particularly bad dinner date had sent her fuming to Baker Street.

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Halloween Horrors! Dressup or Transmogrify?
  • Send me an ask with either "Dressup" or "Transmogrify" and a monster's number from below and I'll draw my character as one! Depending on the theme, they'll either be dressing up as that monster or turned into it.
  • Dressup:You are dressing up as #...
  • Transmogrify:You are now #...
  • 1:Vampire
  • 2:Werewolf
  • 3:Zombie
  • 4:Chimera
  • 5:Skeleton
  • 6:Jersey Devil
  • 7:Demon
  • 8:Fae/Fairy
  • 9:Kelpie
  • 10:Ghost
  • 11:Wendigo
  • 12:Alien
  • 13:Mutant
  • 14:Gorgon
  • 15:Dragon
  • 16:Merfolk
  • 17:Changeling
  • 18:Mummy
  • 19:Frankenstein'd Monster
  • 20:[Free Request]
  • Bonus:Elvis
  • [feel free to add more]