Why i’ll always tell my son “gay is ok.”

This is a little blog post to do with the recent events that have made a huge positive impact in history, and Lush’s wonderful charity bid. Which I know from speaking to a lovely employee today, they have been blown away with the response it has got already. 
It’s disgusting that in 76 countries it’s STILL illegal to be gay, you can be killed for it and people are still taunted and mocked for being part of the LGBT community.

Since I saw my little bump growing, one of the main things I told myself was to let Lucas be whoever he wants to be growing up and to support him, as long as he is safe, happy and not breaking any laws, I am happy to support him in whatever life choices he makes.
The one thing that popped up in my mind was “Lucas could be gay” which sounds crazy, but it’s true, remember you are born gay, it’s not just something you chose to do later on in life, and then I remembered it wouldn’t make a scrap of difference to the way Brad and I look at him or treat him. He will always be our beautiful baby boy, who can do a cheeky cheese face and be forgiven for whatever naughty or cheeky thing he has done.

Lucas has a gay godfather, I have and, are close to many gay, lesbian and bisexual people and they are just like everyone else, except they’re some of the nicest people i’ve ever met as they’ve learnt NEVER to judge anyone because they know exactly how it feels to be judged.
It baffles me that even in the 21st century, it’s still not completely accepted. 
The recent news about 50 states of gay makes me so happy, it means america can now also chose love before labels. 

I will always teach Lucas, you fall in love with whoever you fall in love with and we will support him every step of the way, male, female or even transgender, I couldn’t care, as long as he had a smile on his face. I hope this will help people learn to Love their children know matter what, to accept whatever gender is bought home by your child, as long as they’re happy and smiling, thats a weight off your mind that they’re not unhappy and living a huge lie.

Please support lush and their campaign and for more information, click here

Please remember to let your kids be themselves, never be ashamed of them for being gay, support them and pray for their happiness, I know Lucas will always be happy. Gay is not a choice and they SHOULD NOT be punished, they are human beings with a heart and love for the same sex, that’s the only difference.

Thank you

Just stocked our kitchen with new Wilton pans for super cheap at Joann’s. We got two muffin tins, three cookie sheets, a brownie pan with a lid, and a rectangular cake pan. With sale prices, coupons, and my sister’s employee discount we spent less than $20 :) I’m probably way too excited about this…

Am i wrong?

I have been doing some research for when my little man makes his appearance. The basics cord clamping, skin to skin, cord blood donation, circumcision. Well i did some deep research on circumcision and i do not approve. I thought that it was this little procedure no problems, then i learned my baby is tied down by his arms and legs. No numbing creams or jell which does make sense because he is fresh into this world. Yet i hate the idea he will be tied down, cut, feel everything and i will be in another room having to hear my baby cry. I do not want him to be circumsized, i do not care if it is the “normal” when he is old enough to realize what he wants he can get it done then, if he chooses. Of course my love fights with me about it, telling me i have no choice. I am the mother though, i have final say right?

Holy yes.

Liam hasn’t nursed in 5 days!
F I V E. D A Y S ! ! !

I’m so happy.
He hasn’t even really asked more than once. and he doesn’t throw a fit when I say no.
He goes to sleep for bedtime and naps with no problem.

I’m so freakin happy I kept up with the weaning process this time and didn’t give up.
We get more sleep and he’s a much happier dude and he eats more solid food.

Man I feel huge! 22 weeks! I had to crop out the top half of me cause I wasn’t wearing a bra 🙈 I guess I’ll give a little pregnancy update! Everything is going pretty amazing so far. If you compare this pregnancy to my rest! Baby girl moves so so much! I love it! I never have to worry if she’s okay. I was always worrying with Noah because I never felt him. Not to mention I was constantly bleeding. This time, no blood what so ever. What a relief. Although I do have a marginal placenta previa that my doctor is pretty confident will go away as I get farther along. I really hope so, that would just ruin my VBAC! I love love LOVE my new doctor! He is so great. I’m so excited to go into labor. I’ll be able to walk around, try different positions while pushing, etc. He said he hardly ever uses pitocin unless he REALLY needs to and doesn’t really like to rush the natural process of labor. He doesn’t do cervical checks until you’re in labor either! He’s just everything I could’ve hoped for and I think I have an amazing chance at a successful VBAC with him. Especially since he has a 90% VBAC success rate. I am starting to feel heavy. I think it’s kinda early for this but oh well. I’m starting to get lightning crotch and my pelvis just feels heavy sometimes. My lower left back/tailbone area KILLS at the end of the day. Exercising helps. I’m still trying my best to stay active and exercise everyday. I really do think it helps my overall energy level and pains. The only thing REALLY bothering me this pregnancy are these awful heart palpitations I keep getting. I can’t catch my breath during them. The doctor said as long as they’re not constant and I can catch my breath afterwards it’s fine. He said it’s just all that extra blood my heart is pumping. So yeah, there’s my pregnancy update in a nutshell! I need to do a quick Noah update as well.