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I was doing some interviews and the person being interviewed said a funny line and I just had to make it into a rap

all these drug addict rappers losin they damn mind. lean fuckin wit they head. riff raff had that blue lipstick. thugger wit the nail polish. sosa music declined heavy wen he was off the lean n was mumblin on everything. gucci went crazy. but you niggas swear to god lean is so cool. bein a junkie is weak fam. why u think gucci n sosa quit…smh

i dunno why i started thinking about the actual biology behind mixing and matching limbs like, in the middle of the bones such as fibia when this character literally has a mouth bigger than their head in their torso??

Seeing Diabolik Lovers gifsets  with some dude kissing the lady they’ve been sucking the shit out of and I’m just like

"oh. looks like they’ve finally done her in eh?"



I’ll travel the universe alone but only for long enough

I’ll save you galaxies in jars so we can dance in the stars when i get back

So you can sail the constellations i conquered.

Just an idea i got from a gif.. not so original but ehh this came to my mind right away


Gloved fingers pried open the box, made untouched wrappers spill out into the firestarter’s lap. The flimsy container was put off to the side and forgotten in an instant. One of the many smaller packages was torn open, and with a small sound of joy the balloon inside was raised.

      Pyro did not hesitate to start blowing it up. After doing so he tied off the end, laughed, and started bouncing the oddly shaped object up and down. He wished he knew that Sniper had balloons before. Then he would’ve filled the base up with them!

Curious as to what had preoccupied the Pyro’s attention, Mick came to a stopping point on his sharpening job, placing tools down as he looked over in the direction of the arsonist, only to wish he hadn’t.

His face colored quickly in hues of embarrassment, mouth agape at seeing the innocent fire-starter blowing up one of the rubbers and hitting it around like a makeshift balloon, many others, still wrapped thankfully, sitting in his lap in obnoxious colored packages.

If the rest of the team could see this, he was sure some of them would bust a gut laughing. 

"Mate..what are you doing?" He questioned, literally dumbfounded as to WHY the other male would do such a thing.


mumblinous said:

{Okay I just started following you and I have to say that your art is amazing and I'm really looking forward to your comic *-* The only question I have is... Where's Pyro?}

Do you mean Pyro in my dog fortress post, or my furry fortress? :D If you mean dog fortress, I never got round to finishing them, it was quite a while ago  and I doubt I’ll revisit it ~ but on my furry fortress pic he’s sat at the front :D

mumblinous said:

Send me a ≡ for my muse’s reaction to yours suddenly hugging them very tightly.

Spy believed he was safe. Surveying the halls. Yes, good. He had only just recovered from Scout’s bone-crushing constriction, which the youth claimed to be some sort of holiday— as if “break your teammates’ rib-cage” were appropriate or enjoyable enough to have a day dedicated to it’s—



     Pyro, skidding around a corner, caught the Frenchman mid-thought. The firebug wrapped his thick, gloved arms around Spy’s body and heaved, lovingly snuggling his teammate right off the ground.
          Suppressed grunts escaped Spy once more, wriggling from the shorter man’s arms— to no avail. "Pyro—" he growled, when he managed to steal a breath. Pymes os— Pyro, release me— at once.

mumblinous said:

What's this?

Send “What’s this?” and I will generate a number blah blah idk i didn’t wanna mess with trying to paste it over

15. Handcuffs

"Ah-" He hesitated, wondering why in the hell he’d thought it’d be a good idea to let the arsonist go through some of the items contained in his van. Hell, the Sniper didn’t even know what was hidden in his van, it’d been so long since he’d cleaned it out.
"Those ain’t nothing there Mumbles. Just some uh..handcuffs ya know? Don’t put ‘em on though okay? I ain’t got the key."


Honey Won't You Let Me In
  • Honey Won't You Let Me In
  • The Tallest Man On Earth
  • Shallow Grave

The Tallest Man on Earth - Honey Won’t You Let Me In
(Shallow Grave, 2008)

Now the snow will fall and the lover’s call
Will be drenched out by the shatterin’ of verse
As the seasoned shifts lonely minds will drift
On the ocean in a build above its lore
As I knock your door from inside once more
How I wish a soothin’ breeze would let me in
Shake my tambourine at your glowing dreams
So honey won’t you let me in, oh

As we cease to know where our fate will go
We won’t see the rivers tied up in the vines
Branches will untie every mumblin’ lie
Every frayed word in your lullaby is heard
Oh when I catch the thorns of our first divorce
How I wish the turning sunset could record
Blow my engine steam at your glowin’ dreams
So honey won’t you let me in, oh

Now the dust will rise, dress the open skies
Just a gallery of words we’ve used too much
It’s a feather’s weight but what if it’s too late
To be building up our muscles in the draft
Put me on the mornin’ ship and I will take the trip
To return with all the treasures of the past
It will always seem like a glowin’ dream
So honey won’t you let me in
I said honey won’t you let me in, oh