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I was doing some interviews and the person being interviewed said a funny line and I just had to make it into a rap

i dunno why i started thinking about the actual biology behind mixing and matching limbs like, in the middle of the bones such as fibia when this character literally has a mouth bigger than their head in their torso??

Seeing Diabolik Lovers gifsets  with some dude kissing the lady they’ve been sucking the shit out of and I’m just like

"oh. looks like they’ve finally done her in eh?"



I’ll travel the universe alone but only for long enough

I’ll save you galaxies in jars so we can dance in the stars when i get back

So you can sail the constellations i conquered.

Just an idea i got from a gif.. not so original but ehh this came to my mind right away

I have no idea what I’m doing but people seem to make these a lot so here’s my contribution it took me like 15 minutes in Paint I couldn’t figure out transparency fuck everything. I didn’t look at anyone else’s so I hope I’m doing this right.

ANYWAYS thanks for helping me reach 100, fellas. You guys have all been really rad. I’ve been RPing for a while, but this is one of the few fandoms I’m intensely grateful of. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and everybody’s really sweet.

I’m just gonna do the thing people do and throw down some names.

Here’s a few blogs that I positively adore:

brothaihurtpeople/thanksforstandinstill: sENPAIIIII You’re so fucking rad ;n; Your accent is adorable, you accept my random ramblings and rants, and you’re a doll all around. I appreciate you so dearly, especially since you never seem to grow tired of the 40 threads I throw at you. TF2 buddies to the end.
toohandsometodie: sENPAI I have no idea how you haven’t gotten sick of me yet. I bombard you with RPs and texts and all sorts of things, yet you always remain being such a swell person. You’re awesome and you’re such a joy to talk to, and your Scoot is absolute perfection. 
mumblinous: mY DARLING you are the tinder to my fire you just keep feeding my stupidly creative mind and I just rAGE ON. Your Pyro is a darling and a little ball of wonders just like you *smooches ur coot lil faec*
misspxuling: Your Miss P is an absolute doll and so are you ;u; You’re such an open person, and incredibly accepting of anything. I enjoy ranting about random things with you in the middle of the night<3.

Here’s a brief little list of people I follow simply for the sake of reading their threads. Most of these are not in the TF2 fandom, but that’s okay. You guys are koala tea as well, and I adore your characters: gasmxsk, cxrsedbeast, couragexus, earthrumblechampion, brxkenblueavatar, xamelixrate, madjesters1.

And here’s just more of a bunch of really rad people that I love a lot and you should follow them if you’re reading this: neveronyoursxde, uberheart, indispensablescout, comeherecupcake, zhat-medic, efficientredsniper, siberian—bear.

If you’re on here, I love you lots and lots.

mumblinous said:

♘:Cuddling in a blanket fort

The Sniper hadn’t been sure how the Pyro had managed to get a hold of every blanket and pillow in the base but somehow he HAD and Mick found himself sitting in the middle of the tent formation with the masked arsonist, an assortment of plushies among them including Sniper’s own koalas and Lil Snaggletooth.

He laid back along side the Pyro, the two males laying together in a friendly embrace, the Sniper picking up one of the animals and holding it up to his face.

"Nice goin’ Mumbles. Ya done a good job on this ‘ere construction yeah?"

mumblinous said:

♗: Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse’s lap.


The action was definitely alarming to the Blu Spy, but it seemed like a better alternative than being burnt to a crisp.
So he let the mysterious mercenary remain, silent as the other seemingly snoozed away on top of him.
Not because he was afraid to wake it up. Of course not.

fantasyofdenial said:

What is your favorite record in your collection?

This is so difficult! I have a few favorites. It’s have to be Deathconsciousness, The Unnatural World (both by Have A Nice Life), Want by Wreck and Reference, He Never Said A Mumblin’ Word by Mamaleek, Desideratum by Planning For Burial anddddd the last one would beeeeeeee Roads To Judah by Deafheaven. These were on the top of my head, I have 50-100 records and these are the ones I play the most.

so one time i visited my cousins in north dakota and we were getting breakfast at mcdonalds or whatever and my mom and i were speaking in spanish and this dude ahead of us starts mumblin something to his bud about “fuckin wetbacks” cuz he think we don’t understand so while he wasn’t looking i put ketchup packets in his messenger bag so they’d burst when he put it down i wonder where he is now

i’m that kid in class who plays waka too loud on their headphones and raps it randomly in class and when the teacher start yellin “IF ANY OF YOU WANNA LEAVE MY CLASS DO IT NOW” i just pull up my pants, walk out slowly and start mumblin shit