Coming home from school

You know when you come home from a shitty day when you feel like shit because your teacher crush kinda let you down and you get in the car with your mum and she asks you what’s wrong and you just can’t explain to her that you are in love with your teacher and he makes you more happy then anything in the world but then also sooo upset so you just say it’s nothing and that you’re tired when in reality you are dying in side because you can’t express and explain these feelings out that don’t matter to your loved ones and you just go home and cry without anyone knowing.. well story of my life.

My #ootd looks alarmingly like my #mum in the #eighties! Off out to sort out my brothers birthday party bits. My first time out of the house in days. Bring it on. #anxiety #anxietyrecovery #anorexia #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #fashion #mirrorselfie #positive #denimshirt #messy #selfie #smiley

so anyway it is between NYU and UB(Buffalo) next year.

Mum wants to know why would anyone call a place “Buffalo”.

"How low on ambition do you have to be to call it Buffalo and not - Lion or Dragon or something like that? Do they have a lot of dairies there?"

Yes mother. It is the milk production capital of the free world.