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do you have a valentine

I am super single as of now if thats what your asking but i feel like you can express multple kinds of love on valentines day other than just romantic so you know

A loud groan of frustration and the horrid sound of fingers slamming down on the keys of a piano echoed throughout the empty auditorium. It took a moment before the room fell silent again, the sound of his hands hitting against his thighs the only thing heard. He always messed up exactly three minutes into the song.

Growing up, Chanyeol always loved watching movies. Any kind of genres, from horror to comedies, from sci-fi to documentaries. However, his absolute favorites had always been Hayao Miyazaki films, much like many other children. To this day, he still loved them, but what he loved even more was the musical genius behind the soundtracks of the movies. Joe Hisashi had always been a pianist, and composer, that Chanyeol had always looked up to, ever since he had even became as interested in music as he was.

Recently, he had been practicing one song and one song only—it was one of his favorites from one of the more popular movies. One Summer’s Day. A slow, melodic song that honestly made him feel a little emotional, but that was a good thing, in his opinion. After all, what good was performing a song that one could not connect to and really get into?

There was just one part where he kept hitting a few wrong keys, and that threw everything off for him. Each time, he had to keep going back to the start, but it just wasn’t right. And even when he did manage to get it right, the entire song just sounded like… it was missing something. But what was it missing? Chanyeol honestly could not put his finger on it.

"God dammit!” Chanyeol cursed loudly, groaning as he slumped forward, his head pressing down on the piano keys with another loud, horrid sound from the grand piano. He stood after a moment with a heavy, frustrated sigh, moving over to the front of the stage and plopping down, his legs dangling over the edge of it, his elbows resting on his thighs and his face buried in his hands.

"It’s never going to be perfect… I don’t even know what’s missing…"

kitteria said: 16 h?!?! wow. Good for Geralt! And tumblr really overreacts about everything, so I’m not even surprised. Haha, if they read the books, it could be worse; I suppose Geralt isn’t a type of character that tumblr would like. : D (you tried xkit maybe?)

I believe they talk about introdusing his relationship with Yennefer this way, and I honestly can`t think of a better way to do so remembering how their relationship started and also how the books ended. I may be the worst human being ever but I can  call Geralt my favourite book character, at least male book character. 

Sorry for multple text post, guys.

sure we’re ‘fragments’ of one mind. we split up decause of abuse and trauma. but we’re different. we’re whole identities- people - none of us are similar all the way - so why the fuck would we want to be put back together? youre really convinced that would work? do you NTs have no concern for what we think? what each fucking alter thinks? its like i take you and your best friend of 10 years, and smash you into one person. thats how it feels. you want that? you want to no longer actually be “you”? 

we came from the same mind but we’ve been multple for so fucking long we dont feel like one anymore, we grew apart. 

sp yeah, think about it. think about fucking becoming one person with your old time friend, or some old time rival. 

this is exactly how it is. this is how it is. and no one takes that idea into mind. just take 3 people who have likes, dislikes, friends, relationships, different sexual/romantic orientations and make them one person. make three fucking different people one person. 

that cure makes no logical sense, unless the person doesnt feel different from their alters. honestly.

you NTs dont know what this feels like. 


strawberry tea: favorite outfit

sorry this is so late!! i couldnt find a picture so i tried to doodle it, but then it kind of turned into a picture abt my wardrobe??

some highlights, if they are illegible

  • i have a new outfit themed like SPACE MERMAID
  • two pairs of holographic flats in silver & gold
  • like all i ever wear are flats and like one pair of boots lol
  • i wear a lot of colorful tights when i put effort into my clothes..
  • sweaters.. nice..
  • i have multple blue sweaters w tiger faces on them. its . my brand
  • my fav accesory that makes ANY outfit better is this cheap necklace from forever 21 of a lil rabbit, i also hooked a lovely locket onto it.
  • the locket contains a photograph of your dog. as in, tumblr user phyte’s dog. his name is Bart. 
  • i never change my hair, ever
  • iput on purple eyebrows!! with eyeshadow. i have no idea what i am doing with makeup but i am having a Good Time and its really Not For You

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you really went to the hospital yesterday because you felt a little bad? jesus christ, grow a pair and stop being such a little bitch about everything.

no anon!! you dont understand!!!! I have multple chronical illnesses and i cant just ignore symptoms of them because i want to be strong and not depend on others!! that could seriously hurt me physically and i do not want that. i did what i considered to be the safest option and i dont think you should blame me for it. }