The amount of times I accidentally injure myself DOES directly relate to how stressed I am about real life.  I’ve come close to breaking my ankle six times in as many days (I have stupid dainty ankles), burnt myself on the stove twice, run face first into the wall multple times, and …  oh, fuck it.

Hypothesis: When I’m this stressed I don’t have the mental energy to pay attention to things like … where I am in space.

#monilashes Will write a full little report later. She is doing a record for continuous drumming to help her father who has multple scoliosis. I am really sorry i have no money to spare to help so going to spread the word instead. Look her up on fb! Help out. :) she has been going all night and i wish i could spare some money. :(

today was so productive and one the first days in a while since starting at emerson ive spoken… aloud…  multple times and to more people than just a cashier at a food place

I have linked my BandCamp to multple ‘sub-reddits’ on Reddit. The useful forums of Reddit have certain rules, for example this sub-reddit will not allow your post to remain unless you give critique to three other posts before yours. This encourages people to listen to your work and give you constructive critiscm. As you can see, so far I have one reply which is quite positive.  


Composition V (1911) 

Shown at in same month as ‘On the Spiritual in Art’ was published - wrote that creativity exists outside of the conscious mind, he makes an argument for is a kind of art that would be inexpressable in words.


As suggested in the colour theory tutorial, I have used photoshop to create a monochrome version to assist me in seeing the multple values and the way in which this aids the composition. Now if I compare to a monochrome version of my painting, it’s clear to see the lack of various intensities of colour.