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Do you or your followers have advice on taking those online assessments during job applications? I’m applying for jobs and many applications include an assessment at the end asking questions with multiple choice answers (ex: “I am a friendly and outgoing person” with the answers ranging from “Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree”). Some of them are very confusing, and I feel I am marking the wrong answer often. Any advice?

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Unfortunately, I also find those completely incomprehensible. I can’t imagine what purpose they serve or how to fill them out correctly.

Do any of ‘yall have advice?

Dearest Followers

The Queen Boudicca topic is done.  So now you must decide what the next topic shall be.  Please only vote for one, multple votes or multiple topics per vote will be disqualified. This voting round’s theme centers around famous blood feuds and vendetta’s throughout history.  I will count up all the votes when I arrive back from hospital internships on Saturday.  Until then, good day!

The Hatfields and McCoys

The Pleasant Valley War (old west range war)

Al Capone and Bugs Moran

Njal’s Saga (Icelandic Viking bloodfeud)

Oda Nobunaga vs. the Takeda Clan (Medieval Japan)

right now i’m watching a documentary on this kid and his friends on how they snuck into MULTPLE MUSIC FESTICALS AND THE GRAMMYS MY MIND IS BLOWN

So, I got some critiques of my art.

  • Add more depth
  • Practice more on anatomy
  • Work on the eyes and add space to it. (As in, one eye distance)
  • Use pen pressure instead of line art tool.
  • Slope the shoulders a bit more.
  • Use more blending on shading and use multple shading colours.
  • No on cell shading thingy
  • Less pointy and more likely curve chin
  • Do more poses
  • Look up more references to draw clothing

Wow, that is a big list and yet a big to do list to practice. More like a huge bill to do to pay off.


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In the city of San Francisco lies a nice, quaint little boarding school for girls known as South Haven. It was developed in the 1940’s when it was decided that San Francisco could use an all girls boarding school although it was shut down in the 1960’s due to lack of students to attend. It was opened 20 years after by a set of twins who wanted to see the school blossom into something bigger. Now girls from all over the US attend and inside the walls lies cliques, cliques that hard to stray away from, if you do then things can become a little intense.

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Belgrave Academy is a Glee Twins AU with no set endgames. None of the events of the show are canon and everything is completely AU.

Founded in 1803, Belgrave Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in the entire world. It only accepts the best of the best and anyone thought to be falling behind is dropped in the click of a finger. Keeping on top of your studies is one of the most important rules at Belgrave - ensure everything is up to date, and lead an easy life in the university.

Or rather, that’s what people want the “outside world” to think. The reality if the situation is much different. Yes, it is important to keep on top of your studies if enrolled at Belgrave, but there are plenty of students slacking. The reasoning behind this is the large “underground” population of party-goers and easy-going students.

Underneath the many layers of glitz and glamor of this school are ordinary students, young adults who are determined to make it in the big, bad world. Because of their drive and determination, it is not uncommon to witness various disagreements in the courtyards or in the hallways - just like any other school, drama is never far away.

There is one thing that is certain for students at Belgrave Academy - they will never forget their time there. Friendships will be formed, enemies will be made and love may just possibly be found.