It’s Storage & Organization Week here on ToA but how committed are you to saving space…really? Oldie-but-goodie storage behemoth, The Living Cube, seems like the ultimate in multifunctional furniture. It’s made to house YOUR ENTIRE LIFE in a bed-topped box that’s about 2.6m long x 1.6m deep x 2m high, to start (see all available specs and, ok, I’ll say it, astronomical prices, here.)

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A Multiuser Perspective

I recently finished working on another learning project. Instead of focusing on a single user perspective such as motion capture, the Robin Class developed by Dan Zen (robinflash.wordpress.com) focuses on a multiuser approach to interacting with a game or application.

I found Robin quite challenging to get the hang of. However, Dan Zen’s instructions are very straightforward and if you have a background in developing back-end applications, Robin will not be an obstacle for you. The things you can develop with Robin could truly be remarkable. I created a game where users login to the application as drops of water. The goal of the game is to “make it rain”. Simply put, the goal is to move your cursor, which is tied to the water drop as fast as you can. This, in turn, can cause a counter to count up incrementally. What this could be used for is an application that can count how much the user ‘made it rain” and from that number the organization can donate water to developing countries. 

Ain’t that a neat idea? I think that users would definitely be interested in this idea, because it involves creating something physical out of the virtual. A multiuser experience is really only seen in videogames and social networking sites at the moment. I believe that if we brought multiuser perspectives to a social cause, as is my idea, society could be able to become immersed in the experience. 

I highly suggest you take a look at Dan Zen’s Robin Class. If you put enough idea creativity into it, you are guaranteed to come up with something quote remarkable. 

Çok Kullanıcılı Arayüz Nasıl Tasarlanmalı? / How To Design A Multiuser Interface?
  • 01:Birbirinden bağımsız çalışabilen pencerelerden oluşmalı.
  • 02:Pencereler istenildiğinde birbiriyle ilişki kurabilmeli
  • 03:Geleneksel pencere sistemindeki gibi pencereler üstüste gelmemeli.
  • 04:Pencereler kullanıcının konumuna ve boyuna göre ölçeklendirilebilir olmalı
  • 05:Kullanıcıların her bölgede birbirlerinden bağımsız ulaşabileceği başlangıç noktaları olmalı
  • 06:Kullanıcı olmadığında da ekran tasarımı anlamlı olmalı
  • 07:Başlangıç noktaları çoğaltılıp azaltılabilmeli

Gordon is a lightweight server for developing multiuser apps and games with Adobe Flash/Air. It uses a lean binary protocol to exchange data.

With ‘Gordon’ you can build realtime or turn-based multiplayer apps and games.

The server is based on NodeJS and it’s pretty easy to add server side logic. Currently there are client APIs for Flash/Air and HTML5. The project runs under the MIT license and thus it’s completely free to use or modify.


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MUST SEE: Bear 71.

A multiuser interactive true and gripping story of a female grizzly bear in the Canadian Rockies monitered by wildlife conservation officers from 2001 till 2009.

Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison’s poignant interactive documentary about a bear in the Canadian Rockies illuminates the way humans engage with wildlife in the age of networks, satellites, and digital surveillance. Audiences from around the world can use their smartphones to become part of an interactive forest environment rich with bears, cougars, sheep, deer, and people as they follow an emotional story of a grizzly bear tagged and monitored by Banff National Park rangers.

✦ Sharing an iPad

On his (always excellent) Cocoanetics weblog, Oliver Drobnik shared his Radar feature request for app and folder locking support. This would allow people to lock arbitrary apps - or folders containing apps - on their iPad.

Multiple reasons are given for this feature request, all of which are worth solving. Most notably:

  • Children (often handed an iPad by their parents) can easily exit apps and begin poking around in places they shouldn’t be poking.
  • Keeping track of multiple passwords results in a lousy, uneven user experience.
  • 3rd party developers often work around this by creating app-specific locking mechanisms. This is insecure and inelegant for a number of reasons, not to mention a huge duplication of effort for something that could be handled by iOS.

While app/folder-specific locks would technically solve the above problems, I think such a feature risks complicating things. Having to worry about changing lock/unlock states for apps and folders entails extra cognitive load. What happens if you lock a folder and move an app into or out of it - does it keep the lock? Will there be an indication of when an unlock will time out?

Worst of all, it burdens the primary user of the device with having to enter passcodes on a regular basis - even during periods of time when their child isn’t using the iPad. It’s bad enough having to enter a passcode when waking up one’s iPad - prompting for additional passcodes during regular usage sounds like a recipe for aggravation.

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#Crazyisgood—“Lenovo’s 27” multiuser, multimode, multitouch tablet PC”


As companies create smaller versions of everything, Chinese computer giant Lenovo decides to make mobile devices bigger.

Scheduled to be made available in summer 2013, the 27” IdeaCentre Horizon multimode PC enables comfortable multi-angle use as a desktop, and provides a unique multi-user experience as a table PC.

I dig it.

Rumored to be priced around £1,000 / US$1,600 / HK$12,420

# Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Specs
+ Up to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor
+ Up to Windows 8 Pro
+ 27” backlit full HD (1920x1080) multi-touch display; 16:9 widescreen
+ Up to 2 hours battery life
+ Up to 1TB HDD
+ Up to 8GB DDR3

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Experts Tap Unused TV Spectrum

Rice Univ. wireless researchers have found a way to make the most of the unused UHF TV spectrum by serving up fat streams of data over wireless hotspots that could stretch for miles.

In a presentation this week at the Association for Computing Machinery’s MobiCom 2014 conference in Maui, Hawaii, researchers from Rice’s Wireless Network Group unveiled a multiuser, multi-antenna transmission scheme for UHF, a portion of the radio spectrum that is traditionally reserved for television broadcasts.

Read more: http://www.laboratoryequipment.com/news/2014/09/experts-tap-unused-tv-spectrum

The biggest target is typically the easiest to hit, and ahead of Apple’s big event next week IKEA’s taking a good-natured swing at Cupertino. To debut its new 2015 catalog, the Swedish furniture company crafted a video that bears more than a passing resemblance to a TV spot from the iPhone company. Among the highlights of the “bookbook” unveiling? Eternal battery life, no-lag page loads and multiuser support. It’s all pretty well done if you ask us. Should you need help passing time until next Tuesday’s conference, watching the clip (embedded below) will make the wait about two-and-a-half minutes shorter.

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IROS 2014 Webcam: Research pitches from the interactive sessions (Part 1)

The 2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2014) is on in Chicago, and members of the robotics research community have descended on the Windy City. This year the organizing committee experimented with a new 3-minute presentation format followed by an interactive session. We invited researchers to give their “pitch” in front of our IROS cam … below are just some of the great pitches we came across in the interactive sessions. Watch out for more IROS Cam videos coming soon!

Guido De Croon European Space Agency, TU Delft
Crowdsourcing as a methodology to obtain large and varied robotic data sets

More info

Felix Berkenkamp University of Toronto
Learning-based Robust Control: Guaranteeing Stability while Improving Performance

More info

Daniel Lofaro George Madison University
A lightweight, cross-platform, multiuser robot visualization using the cloud

More info

Franziska Meier University of Southern California
Efficient Bayesian Local Model Learning for Control

More info

Patricio J. Cruz Dávalos University of New Mexico
Stable Formation of Groups of Robots via Synchronization

More info

Robohub: http://ift.tt/XG0P3N
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