So how do y'all feel about multies?
  • So how do y'all feel about multies? Personally, I like them. I use them and they offer a more creative challenge to your writing, especially when starting out. I find them easy when staying simple, but once you add more syllables to rhyme to like 4 or 6, well, I sometimes find myself stuck in a rut after that. Then once you use certain rhyme schemes like a..."ABBACC" rhyme scheme, you get a kinda good feel about yourself. For the record, I've never done that.

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If you're using syllable structured form in poetry....

newyearsjay answered your question: I get confused with syllables…is the word neon one or two?

I would say two

elibird replied to your post: I get confused with syllables…is the word neon one or two?

2 in my book. Knee-on.

That’s what I thought, but the first and third syllable counters I tried indicated one. I guess with poetry, you can play hard and fast with the specifics of syllables to make the phrase work.

So I’m trying out creating some Tanka poetry. It’s a five line Japanese form in which the syllables you use in each line works like this; 5, 7, 5, 7, 7. I had the bare bones of a poem sitting in my drafts page for over a year, and decided to restructure it into Tanka when I couldn’t get to sleep last night.

"Neon" is a strange one, because if you think of the sounds of a word starting and ending with the opening and closing of the mouth, then neon would just be one syllable. If you say it faster than you would usually say it, it feels like just one syllable, but in regularly speed it feels like it should be two.

30 Days of TAH #14: Recruitment

Have you ever gotten someone else to listen to TAH?  What did you or say do to convince them to listen?  Are there any resources you’ve used or gotten anyone else involved in getting them to listen?  Any great memories of someone you’ve convinced to listen reacting to the show?

I’ve gotten a couple people into The Thrilling Adventure Hour. I have two basic avenues.

First, I have a lot of comedy-nerd friends. They’re easy, because they’re bound to be fans of a convenient guest star. Or if they like comedy podcasts, they like Paul F. Tompkins.

But I also have friends who are fans of old movies. They like to call themselves “cinephiles,” but that’s just because multisyllabic words with Latin roots sound fancy. It goes back to the Norman Invasion. Anyway. They like The Thin Man (incidentally, if you like Beyond Belief and haven’t watched at least the first Thin Man movie, you are not living your best life) and recognize the tropes of old Western movies. And Tales from the Black Lagoon is basically written for them.

a set of cravings, multisyllabic

hold your
breath hold your
breath hold your breath
hold your breath breath breath

insatiable, tongue-tied,
set of claws, clauses puncturing
woodwork, zen steps calculated,
matter a pattern well worn, hold

the dharma a law
bury your head in patterns
automation is the future of industry
please hold

unnatural heat travels diffusely
enclosed spaces disembody friction
sexless waltzes on summer pavement
please hold

the scent of establishment guesses
air tarred / enthralled in motion,
the assertions of others, the youth
making slept-on attempts, the divinity
of youth, please hold

your breath is important to us
please hold - 1 hr free transfer
your mouth is important to us
please hold - 30 min delay
due to track maintenance
your touch is important to us
please hold - m4w / m4m / w4w
strictly platonic - for next arrival
please call - hold - hold - hold