Tumblr of the Week: We are the 15 Percent

Gahlen, Sara & Braylin - Frisco, TX


Here’s a Tumblr championing the new face of America.

The blog, ’We are the 15 Percent,’ boasts a collection of photographs that reflects the growing number of multiracial and ethnic families across the United States.  

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I apologize ahead of time for the rambling, its just nice to find a receptive audience for once! 

I just found your page tonight and I just wanted to share my experience as a mixed person of color for anyone interested in yet another point of view. I’ve been looking for a safe space like this and I’m looking forward to reading more asks/ submissions.

I’d categorize my racial experience as pretty frustrating. I’m mixed, my mother is white and my father is black… but somehow I came out looking kind of…unexpected.. lol. Some people say I look Lebanese, Egyptian, Mexican, Indian, some people see me as mixed, others see me as just white.I think what confuses people is my hair and my nose mostly. I have brown, wavy hair and a straight nose. 

 I want to clarify (in consideration of some of the previous Q&A) that I don’t consider myself as white passing, but I do consider myself “racially ambiguous” i suppose.

I grew up with the white side of my family, estranged from my dad. However. I chose to educated myself from a very young age and am very racially conscious. I definitely identify as black over white, often so much so that I don’t like being mixed. 

For college I decided to radically change my environment. I moved from California to the South and I currently attend an HBCU (Historically Black College/University). I have since met and became close with my dad’s side of the family and see them regularly. My experience at my HBCU has been phenomenal- exactly what I was looking for. A family where I don’t fight racial microagressions on a daily basis. 

The only frustrating part about attending an HBCU has been going from being the brownest person in the room in high school, to being the “whitest"most “lightskin” person in the room in college. I feel as though I am constantly tasked with “proving” my blackness to my peers, even though they don’t ask it of me. I feel as though most of my issues are internal, rather than external. Its been a radical shift in my perception of self and I’m still trying every day to adjust to it. I try to not let others define me, but it’s hard. 

I know that I’m a proud biracial woman, but when others constantly cast their perceptions of my race on to how they interact with me (especially because I don’t actually look mixed), it becomes hard not to internalize those perceptions. Lately I’ve been struggling to even claim being black.. and I hate that because it was never a problem before. 

So now, I’m about to get synthetic twists for the first time… and even though I personally love the hairstyle and have wanted it for a long time,  I’m honestly kind of nervous about people’s reactions, especially because some people at my university still think I’m not black, or even mixed. I don’t want to offend anyone but it frustrates me to think I even would. I wish people would just let me LIVE!

But either way, I’m black to white people, white to black people, or Middle Eastern ..or Mexican, or whatever else lol.Sometimes you just can’t win.  I’m just trying to be ME.

thanks for listening, 



Swiffer (2014)

Nice submission from Whileseated. Swiffer’s recent TV ad shows an adorable multiracial family using Swiffer products to adapt to a disability.

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Not gonna lie. I was always afraid of my father’s family because I honestly thought they were as cold and negative as him. I really wish I made more of an effort to hang with them, especially when I was attending school in the same city as them. Although they are extremely religious they have never acted cold or negatively toward me, even after I came out on Facebook.

anonymous asked:

I'm in an interracial relationship (white girl, black guy) and I'm honestly considering breaking up with my boyfriend because I can't handle the abuse his black female friends and neighbors have given me since we started dating. I've been spat on, had drinks thrown at me, had a punch thrown at me once, and while he defends me, it's simply exhausting. I love him so much, but I can't handle being told I'm a racist white bitch for daring to be in love anymore.

We moved. 

Simply, it was fucking easier to move. Which is ridiculous. What kind of screwed up society do we live in where moving is an easier option?!

We moved to a more multicultural area. Should we have children we will ensure we are in a very multicultural area, where multiracial families are more normal. 

The longer I spent in that area, the more intolerant I became. I now have zilch tolerance for any sort of racism around me. Which is a problem, because sometimes biting tongue would be the better plan!

If you want this to work, you have to be a team, and when one of you is experiencing issues, it is up to the other to stand up for you. If white people are being the problem, you step up and tell them to back off, and he has to do the same if it is black people. 

-Roma One (who has also been spat on. Have had punches thrown too, but I don’t think they were because of an interracial relationship). 

Goodluck. There are sucky racist places in the world, that seem to be populated by jerks. I will say this though, my eyes have been opened even more about racial issues. 



Cheerios was not the first company to run an ad featuring a black man married to a white woman. Lowe’s put this couple on TV to promote their paint several years ago.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, just wanted to say that as a child of gay family (I am 40 years old), I am so happy that you are living with less of the fear of losing your parents then what we lived in during the 70s-90s. Like yours, my family was multiracial and full of love. I am also excited that after years of fighting, this is finally making it to the Supreme Court. My parents were some of the early trailblazers and I am excited to see yours and many others continue the challenge. Sincerely. Camellia Noriega

Aww, thank you so much! I couldn’t imagine what that must have been like back in the 70’s -90’s. So much happened to gay culture during those twenty years, it must have been incredibly rough. I hope you and your family have lived a very happy life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! –Tevin

Hey multiracial people, stop acting as though monoracial people have an authority over how you identify, as though they’re “real” and you’re not. Stop going to them for advice because they have no idea how you experience racism and race. Being biracial comes with a lot of unique challenges they will never understand or think about.

YMCA (2013)

We were thrilled to see this happy multiracial family in an online YMCA ad. We’ve always found the Y to be a friendly, welcoming place, and this ad just makes us like them more.

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The funny thing about having a multiracial family though is that one time (actually the day this picture was taken) I (the very white girl in yellow) was walking on the beach with my cousin’s daughter, the little black girl.  We went to this playground and one girl asked “Is she African-American?” like NO SHE’S CHINESE-IRISH DOES THE CURLY HAIR GIVE NOTHING AWAY

And then a different little girl asked if I was her mom and that was like he. he hehehehe.  Nope.  We’re cousins.  I’m also fifteen and too young to be the mother of a four-year-old.  But just because of the huge difference in appearance knowing we were related at all was still a little confusing, it seemed.

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I'm living the reverse of most peoples stories here.

I’m going to preface this post by stating that I really enjoy and read this sub a lot despite usually posting sparingly about wrestling or other lighter topics. I am fortunate that religion was a non-issue for me while I was powerless child, unlike so many of us.

I live in a mostly Hispanic area dominated by Catholicism but grew up in a nonreligious, very tolerant and multiracial family. They never spoke of religion really and never tried to force anything on me as a youth.

This was odd for my region. The guitarist in my high school metal band’s mom would send a priest to his bedroom (sending a priest to a 14yo’s room, genius) and spray him and our instruments with holy water to rid out satan or whomever. They and the parents of others would ban books and other media from the home that were blasphemous (while I was reading Dawkins)and generally made saving the soul of their child priority #1 whereas my family let me read whatever and never mentioned any flavor of superstition. Back then I had the coolest family in town and we really got along up until I moved away for college and moved back to work when I finished. I’m independent nowand more or less chugging along except somehow, inexplicably, my family went christian.

MY parents started going to church, well religiously, and are bringing it up nonstop when we are together. Any shortcoming I have is due to my rejection of christianity. Its gotten so bad that I got thrown out of a barbecue and the next day, my dad’s house because I said I probably will never believe. I’m not an anti-theist really. I love and read the arguments and literature but never was that vocal, likely because religion had never directly bothered me at all as a youth. Now I feel I need to do something to get them back. I had the coolest family ever and now they treat me like I’m choosing to to jump in to a volcano and have my skin bubble and melt off for eternity.

Has anyone here experienced anything similar? Did an argument or any other form of persuasion snap them out of it.They were non-religious for so long I hope this is just a brief delusion. Sorry if this is too personal for reddit, I just want my family back.

tl;dr I was raised secular, now my family converted and are staking our relationship on my acceptance of a christian god. Help!

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