I worry so much about things; it’s not necessarily the success of the album it’s more just… i don’t want anything to outshadow the songs. You know, the songs come from your heart, a very personal and sensitive thing and when you put them out there and someone goes “mah”. And you kind of like “hey!”, like, “you can’t do that, that’s a piece of me, you can’t put that down. 

Nine days and nights of Ed Sheeran

Well the idea of the legs not working, my two grandparents have been together I think close to 60 years, and my Gran’s legs aren’t the best that they were when she was younger, and I kinda look at their love, and I wanted to write a song about a love that kind of was like my grandparents, I guess.
—  Ed Sheeran on why he wrote Thinking Out Loud (x)