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DID system rules

You do NOT have to:

Have more than one alter.
Have all human alters.
Have a little
Have a gatekeeper
Have an original
Be able to see your inside world
Have total amnesia
Have communication with your alters
Know you have DID
Recall memories of trauma

But it is okay if you have any or all of those! DID is a mental disorder that has many varying symptoms and signs. There is no “standard”


Le Corbusier’s split personality

Fun fact: the architect Le Corbusier spent his mornings painting in his apartment, and then in the afternoons, he’d go to his office and practice architecture. He said, “Painting every morning is what allows me to be lucid every afternoon.” But even though his work as a painter fed his work as an architect, he took great care to keep the identities separate. He signed all his paintings with his birth name, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret. Supposedly, a journalist once knocked on his apartment door during painting hours and asked for Le Corbusier. LC looked him right in the eye and said, “I’m sorry, he’s not in.”


☯: How do you and your other parts communicate? Do you have an inner world or “brain dumps”?
☮: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of having multiple people in your head?
☢: What was the most embarrassing time an alter switched in or out?
☣: To the last five people who have fronted: what do you look like in your own body/on the inside? What do you wish you could change about the body? What big differences do you notice a lot between yourself and the body?
☼: Out of the five (or ten) most recent fronters, who are the most extroverted to the least?
❅: What is the age range between all of your parts?
✪: Do any of the parts do better in some areas of daily life than others? What are they?
✞: What different religions are present in your system? How does everyone practice their own beliefs?
✿: Are any of your parts in relationships? If so, are they polyamorous? Queer? With singlets? With another or multiple other multiple/did systems?
☺: What’s a sure way to cheer up the five last fronters?
♋: Are there any different species in your system? Fictionkin or factives?
☿: What genders are represented in your system? How does the body present? Does this create any problems for the system members of different genders?
◍: Does your system have a gatekeeper? A protector? Any littles?
♉: How do inner disputes work? What do parts often squabble about in your system?
♌: Have animals ever reacted differently to you or your other parts?
♑: Do you often lose time? How good at reminding each other of memories are you?

    ❊:Is your host the original personality? Does anyone match the body’s appearance and name?
    ❆:Do you and the other parts often get along? What are some of the best and worst relationships within the system?
    ✶:Are there any items or people that different alters are protective or territorial over?
    ✱:What are your littles’ favorite shows or toys?
    ★:Are there any nonhumans in your system? If so what kind?
    ✡:Does the body attend any sort of religious gathering? What kind of practices do the alters get up to?
    ❂:What different races are represented in your system? Does this affect how they feel about fronting?
    ✧:Does eyesight or handwriting change when you switch?
    ✤:Do system members ever play games outworld with each other?
    ♆:What does your inner world look like?
    ☯:Do you have a gatekeeper? Do they control your inner world or does someone else?
    ☓:If you feel comfortable answering, are there any persecutors in your system?
    ‡:What different books are everyone in the system reading right now?
    ☭:What time periods do people in your system come from? Are they all from modern day or are some from the past or future?
    ☪:How easy are switches? Can you usually control them?
    ✌:What different political beliefs are represented within your system?
    ☮:Do you have a therapist? Do they know about your multiplicity/DID?
    ø:Are any of your alters mute, deaf, blind, or missing some other sense of communication or perception? How does this affect them fronting?
    ♯:Do any of your alters play musical instruments?
    ♫:What different musical tastes are represented within your system?
    ღ:To the five last fronters: Are you single or are you taken, and do you like this or would you like that to change?
    ❦:Do any of you have an easier time with plants or animals than others?
    シ:Who are the most optimistic and pessimistic people in the system?
    ✎:Have any of you ever written about your experiences with multiplicity/DID/MPD, fictional or non?
    ✈:Do you enjoy travel? Which alters would like to see what parts of the world?
    ☏:Do any of your meatspace friends know about your multiplicity/DID/MPD? If so do they address your alters as different people?
    ☤:What different careers are all of your alters aspiring to? What career is the body in or is the body pursuing?
    ⌘:Who is the most and least adept with computers and technology in the system?
    ϟ:If the body is injured, what alter comes out to deal with it?
    ☃:How are your alters enjoying the current weather of your locale?
    £:Which alters are the best with money? When was the last time they bought something for themselves and what was it?
    ♞:What are each of your alters favorite clothing item that they own?
    ❃:Do any of your alters smoke cigarettes? What brands do they prefer?
    ❀:Do any alters like mind altering substances like drugs or alcohol? Which and what do they prefer? Does this cause problems for those who don’t?
    ✘:If/when your body was in school, what subjects attracted which alters?
    ♐:What kind of skills do your alters have on the inside that don’t manifest on the outside? Does this frustrate them?
    ☄:If you have littles, who takes care of them most of the time?
    ➪:How often are you co-con? Who’s most likely to be co-con with whom?
    ≍:How often do disagreements happen and how are they sorted out between alters?
    ≎:How active are you in the tumblr multiplicity/DID community? Why?
    ∰:What different disabilities and privileges are present in your system? How does this affect alters as they front?
    ■:Does your system have subsystems? How do you organize alters?
    ▣:Do different alters have different favorite foods or drinks? What are they?
    ▩:Do outsiders often notice switches? If so, how?
    ♈:What are the biggest differences between the last three fronters?
    ♉:Which alter seems to trump all of the others if theyre fighting for front?
    ♊:Are there any alters within your system who suffer DID/DD-NOS/multiplicity themselves?
    ♋:Is integration a goal for you? Does interest in integration change between alters?
    ♌:Which alters prefer to be inside? Which prefer to be outside?
    ♍:Are there any fictionkin or factives in your system? Have there ever been?
    ♎:How long have you had multiple people in your head?
    ♏:Which alter, when antagonized or messed with, usually has the most backlash from the rest of the system in their defense?
    ♑:Can certain alters not swim or read? Is this a result of fear or their background not teaching them how?
    ♒:Are there any different phobias presented in your system?
    ♓:What are your most significant co-morbid diagnoses and who suffers these specifically?
    ♅:What are the last five fronters favorite tv shows and movies?

**Just put these two together (sorry it’s so long, but Pt2 was huge). To avoid symbol duplicates, you can write Pt1 or Pt2 with it.  
Decided to reblog bc it may help those who’ve wanted to ask questions but don’t know how, or have too many, so you’d have a reference and can submit as many at a time as necessary.  …or for those who want to know these things but didn’t realize they did ;)

#7 - A Turn For The Worse

I know I’ve been silent these past few days - exams, games, the like - but what surfaced yesterday on Kenny’s blog provoked this from me. I’m issuing an unofficial warning.

If ANYONE has seen this man, please, please, please, PLEASE let me know. He’s 18, various pictures, audio clips and videos can provide a decent image in your head, and should hopefully conjure up a somewhat valid portrayal of his demeanour to make him stand out. Do NOT approach him directly. He is paranoid, and if he lapses into a second personality, there’s a good chance he may also be violent. Even if the worst has come, and you find not him, but his remains or body, still stay the hell away and notify me ASAP.

Alright. Now some analysis. I’m trembling and I’m scared. Heart’s practically in my mouth after watching that. Kenny specifically asked to go deeper, and I don’t think we’re going to be seeing much of him for some time, especially if he’s going deeper. No activity on anywhere since that video was uploaded, from a mobile point as well. Perhaps an internet cafe, I don’t know.

The speech he made was… kinda damning. I’m not sure why, but Kenny was running from… something. I’m beginning to believe this isn’t just paranoia on his part. He could be running from civilization towards the woods, which makes sense, if he’s violent in a separate persona, but something got him spooked, and both personalities are SURE there’s a conspiracy. It doesn’t add up. There HAS to be another factor.

Any ideas can reach me on email at

Beyond that, I promise him, even if he doesn’t return, I’m going to go completely against what he said. I swear to god. I will find him. I’ll drag his bloodied corpse away and make sure it’s buried if I have to. Like I said, I’ll fly over there myself. If he goes deeper and doesn’t return, then so will I - I just hope one of us has a safety harness.

#7 - 17th Nov. 2011 - 16:51 (GMT)

For all of those who are interested, I have created a survey in hopes of mapping the differences and similarities within the DID community. I highly doubt that it is perfect, and I will accept any questions, comments, and edits that I receive as a result of it.

As most of us know, Dissociative Identity Disorder is highly stereotyped and in many cases, inaccurately defined. It is up to us to change that.

If you found this survey to be helpful, please reblog it so that other people will be able to submit their experiences.



Okay so I didn’t cover as much as I wanted to in this video, buuut it got the ball rolling so if this works out, I’ll go into these topics a in a bit more detail and maybe get some input from friends if anyone’s interested in collaborating with me? :3

Go Comment, Like and Subscribe~
And if you have any questions feel free to ask ^^


Why Fakers Hurt the DID Community as a Whole

I’ve noticed a trend lately that I have to say that I don’t approve of. There’s always been those who fake DID for whatever reason, and that’s not going to change. What’s beginning to bother me is that some of you in the DID community are acting like this is alright. Not only do you refuse to call anyone out on their behavior (which is understandable; not everyone is up for confrontation), but you actually encourage fellow DID-sufferers not to call others out on their behaviors, as well. Why is this? You’re convinced that it’s better to allow someone to make a mockery of DID than to accidently insult a real DID system and possibly knock them into denial. I disagree with that logic. Here’s why:

1) Tumblr is not a “safe place” for DID systems. In the real world, not everyone will believe that you really have DID, let alone that DID is a real thing. Because real people use Tumblr, that attitude extends to Tumblr. You can’t expect everyone with DID to automatically trust that you’re telling the truth about having DID, either. Remember that those with DID have been severely abused. Trust can be hard for them. When accepting that someone else has DID often means that at least some community members will form a bond with them and end up sharing personal information, is it any wonder that some DID systems avoid trusting other systems at the drop of a hat? When some “systems" are acting in a manner that suggests that their DID isn’t genuine, of course some people with DID are going to be weary of them! And these doubt filled systems have every right to point out what behaviors make them uncomfortable. And yes, it makes some people pretty damn uncomfortable to think that some of the people trying to gain access to actual safe spaces for people with DID (such as some forums) might be lying about having been diagnosed in order to do so. Whether someone is maliciously faking DID or just mistaken, it makes me personally extremely uneasy to think of them fooling people with DID into trusting them with details about their own system and even abuse, possibly strengthening the faker’s story in the process and allowing them to better their own fabrication. Keep in mind that the systems you might mark as "trolling,” “stirring up trouble,” or “paranoid” have, in true DID nature, probably survived the worst shattering of trust imaginable. They were hurt by those who should have protected them and not saved by those closest to them. They were shown that any promise can be broken and that no one really means them well. They know that no one is who they say that they are. Who are you to tell them that now that they suspect that someone else is being untruthful, they’re not allowed to voice that concern? You have no right to dictate whether or not they stay silent about how they feel about someone’s claims of having DID. Just like technically, the faker has every right to post their bullshit, and just like you have every right to bitch and moan about accepting everyone, they have every right to voice concerns without you trying to silence them. By acting as if no one has the right to point out when someone else in the community makes them uncomfortable or strikes them as fake, you’re just as bad as those who you claim are “silencing” everyone with DID by pointing out which “system’s” claims they don’t believe. Everyone here has every right to point out when they think that someone is actively lying in order to blend into a community of abuse survivors.

2) Not everyone who fakes DID does so unknowingly. Sure, some of the people who claim to have DID but don’t might have been misled because of other similar disorders that they have such as BPD or DDNOS (not type 1, mind you, as that might as well be DID). It could just be that the unknowing fake is a young teenager with no set personality or the inability to distinguish their muses from alters. Perhaps they even misunderstood the DID criteria or, in an almost ironic twist, were led to believe that DID is different than it really is because of other non-dissociatives who claimed to have DID and misrepresented the condition. It’s possible, however, that some of those who mimic DID have very, very dark motives. Some abusers would love to have the opportunity to infiltrate a community of wounded survivors and to cause chaos among victims. Perhaps some of those who fake DID really are survivors themselves, but they’ve become bitter over time. They might view those who claim to have DID as fakers, part of a false repressed memory movement, taking part in something that needs to be put down and stopped by those who really understand trauma and pain. Finally, some of those who fake DID are likely active trolls. They want to come into the community and see you at your most vulnerable. They want to laugh at fooling you, at tricking the “crazies.” They want to gather data on the things that you say so that they can show it as an example of how weird those who claim to have DID are. They may even want to put forth ridiculous claims themselves in order to trick other people into thinking that DID is something other than what it is!

3) Those without DID who claim to have DID often completely misrepresent the disorder. You may think that that doesn’t matter, that everyone with DID presents differently, so what does it matter if this one “system” is just a little too different? It doesn’t affect you! Except, of course, it does. Have you ever told anyone about your DID? Literally anyone? Have you ever been rejected because “that’s not what DID is like” or even “DID isn’t real!”? Well guess what? These “systems” are the ones who are making it even harder for actual systems to be taken seriously. Think about it for a moment. Imagine that someone was on the cusp of whether or not to believe you about your DID. They believed that DID sounds reasonable, and your family is kind of strange, so maybe… but then they see a post on Tumblr. They follow the trail and hear about systems who claim to have DID just because. They read about systems with literal past lives and walk ins from another universe. They see stories of headspace hopping and alters who were created with knowledge of a different language that the system has literally never heard anywhere or with math skills unparallel to that of anyone else in the world (skills not shared with the body, of course, but you should still respect them for it and treat them like they should be able to!). Whats more, they notice that not a single community member is calling out this bullshit. All of a sudden, what looked like a reasonable condition looks like a bunch of kids playing pretend. More importantly, can you imagine if one of the people exposed to this information later grows up to be a doctor, psychologist, researcher, or even news reporter who’s adamant that DID doesn’t exist because of the bullshit they saw here? Do you really want to be responsible for that? Not calling out fakers makes us all look like fakers to outsiders. In fact, it may affect how we see ourselves, as well.

4) Supporting trolls out of fear of triggering a real DID system into denial only makes it easier for genuine systems to fall into denial. That may seem a bit strange, but the logic behind it is actually pretty clear once you come across it. It’s because it’s really hard to believe that you have something when every third person that you see claiming to have the same thing is faking/mistaken. If those without DID but claiming to have DID aren’t called out, you may begin to wonder if you yourself are just mistaken about your condition, if everyone is silently judging you behind your back but too scared of being judged in return to bring it up. If you really see fakers everywhere but the few systems you do believe never say anything about it, you may begin to wonder if perhaps DID is a real condition at all. After all, there seems to be a few people who have it, but if so many people can falsely claim to have it and never be recognized as doing such, what if everyone who thinks that they have DID is just mistaken? And why wouldn’t people come to that conclusion? It’s the conclusion that many outsiders reach, and you’ve already admitted that denial can be easy to trigger in someone with DID. Yet you choose to maybe spare the feelings of a DID system that may not actually have DID in lieu of protecting actual systems who can’t feel secure when they can’t trust everyone around them not to be lying about having DID.

Now, you may think that this is all well and good, but it’s not really applicable. After all, you’re not really a confrontational person, so it’s not like you would be calling anyone out, anyway. But surely if someone really believes that they’ve come across a fake, and if they’re really brave enough to say so, of course they’ll do so themselves! The problem is, another trend accompanying the first seems to be that whenever anyone voices any concern about any “system” with “DID,” they’re immediately attacked (or “burned” with a “take down” that honestly couldn’t scare off a preschooler, but that’s another story) and called a troll. Have you ever considered that the DID community as a whole is scaring systems into silence because if they now try to call out anyone, not only will the person themself retaliate (of course they will; no troll gives in easily, and if they’re just mistaken, they think that they have the rest of the community’s support and so obviously must be genuine), but the community itself might turn on them! But here’s the thing:

Trolling does not mean pointing out an issue.

Trolling does not mean pointing out an issue.

Trolling does not mean pointing out a goddamn issue.

If someone messages a system, any system, and tells them that they doubt their DID? Yeah, sure, they might be trying to be an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole. But they might honestly be trying to voice concern. Maybe they don’t know about every second of your life and exactly how your switching works and exactly how you came to believe that you have DID in the first place, but you know what? When you’re posting every little detail about your system and inner life to begin with, they don’t need. All that they need to see is that multiple things that you’re saying don’t fit with DID. And no, you’re probably not just “unique” for the disorder. Certain things are universal with DID, and certain things are just impossible. And hey, maybe the person raising concern is wrong! Maybe you really were diagnosed, everything about your system checks out, and you have DID without there existing any room for doubt. Maybe they didn’t even bother to look through all 700 pages of your blog, the little stinker! But you know what? That still doesn’t automatically make them a troll. Maybe they’re another DID system who can’t stand the things that they think that you’re implying about their disorder. Maybe they’ve actually seen you used as an example from people as to why DID isn’t something that’s genuinely found on Tumblr. Maybe they just plain and simple don’t believe you. They could be trying to help, pointing out that so-and-so makes no sense and you might want to look into a different cause for your symptoms. They may be trying to hint that you’re making a fool of yourself and should quietly move on to other things. They might even just be pointing out that even if you do have DID, certain beliefs that you hold about it are delusional or otherwise unhealthy. You can’t and shouldn’t label someone a troll just for voicing an opinion even ~gasp!~ they dared to do so anonymously in your inbox.

Keep in mind that this post itself was written/looked over by three different professional diagnosed DID systems from opposite ends of America and Europe who have been in the DID community from three to thirteen years. This post is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or cause upset. We’re posting this because we’re sick and tired of watching actual DID systems be hurt, directly or not, by the toxic behaviors of the DID community. We do find it extremely important to point out fakes, but if you’ll notice, this isn’t actually a direct attack on anyone (yeah, it uses second person language, it’s a writing technique and not actually directed at you, whoever you is at the moment). We’re not saying “oh yeah, this system and this one and that one are all fakes and should be burned at the stakes!” We’re asking our fellow DID systems to take care of themselves. Seriously. Don’t believe every single person who tells you that they have DID. If you doubt someone’s sincerity or validity, that’s okay. If you don’t want to call them out on it, fine. Good for you. But you’re not obliged to stand up for them. You don’t have to act as if pointing out that someone might be mistaken in their self diagnosis or even blatantly lying about their condition is a bad thing. If the person being called out is just mistaken, you might actually be saving them a lot of trouble by opening the door for more introspection, encouraging them to seek out a professional for an actual diagnosis, or saving them future pain or embarrassment if they decide to falsely inform others of their “condition.” If they really are lying, obviously, calling them out is a good thing! It shows that your not a potential victim, and it may alert others to their questionable behaviors, as well. On the off chance that the person you finally build up the courage to call out on their behavior really does have DID: if you realize it, apologize, explain yourself and move on; if you don’t, what one person says over the internet shouldn’t be enough to wreck someone’s day anyway, let alone their week or life. Sometimes, it’s better to stay safe and allow yourself to voice skepticism than to risk hurting someone’s feelings.

-Kayden and Rage