Honestly I had to make a Gigi and Bella Hadid appreciation post because I have really grown to like them especially their print work! For those of you who want to categorize them under celebrity models like Kendall need to relax cause their mother was on Real Housewives of whatever the fuck and Gigi had minor appearances on the show. Plus Gigi modeled for Guess as a child and has been the face of the brand once again in 2012 so she’s been modeling and Bella is starting up on hers. So yes I am rooting for Carine Roitfeld’s latest fave Gigi Hadid and Bella who is starting her modeling career and is going places as well and clearly because they both walked Tom Ford’s FW15 show and Gigi has already landed multipe campaigns for the brand so yes, I’m here for them!!

okay. chris evans and jeremy renner are not at fault here. it was a clearly a joke. they weren’t demeaning her character, they were commenting on the shipping that the interviewer brought which is no different than what fans do all the time when talking about their ships and multip-ships

“oh she was shipped with clint and steve and now with bruce. she’s just hopping around and flirting all over the place” 

its the exact same comments lots of female and male characters get from people when they joke about their ships. everyone’s a “slut” when they’re shipped with a lot of people

i’m more upset how after they said that, the interviewer refered to natasha as just  a “sidekick” and tried to bring her down to just being a relationship with bruce. 

the interviewer was clearly the one more serious about demeaning natasha’s character and chris and jeremy were just joking about the shipping, something that they probably don’t even take seriously.

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Omg where does it say Aaron signed a multipic deal? That makes me soo happy Pietro my bb!!

i read at least two articles saying that and also watched an interview where he, together with lizzie, spoke about how intimidating it was to sign such a big, long term contract for such a huge franchise, but i cant find them right now, sorry :/

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You realize he might have had good reason to try and get the dagger back considering you're haging out with people who have tried to kill both you and him multipal times. I wasn't trying to be rude I was genuinly curious.

I don’t care what his reason was, Nonnie. That doesn’t excuse the fact that he deceived me again by using magic to take the form of Killian. Those people who tried to kill us in the past like Killian or Regina have changed and are on much better paths now. They have apologized and their actions speak louder than their words. I’m proud to call them my friends and I would be devastated if anything were to happen to them. 

I don’t do drugs because my mother almost died of an overdose. I don’t do drugs because my uncle did them, causing him multipe heart attacks, which costed him his life. I don’t do drugs because I know what they can do to you.

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Girl: "I had group sex with every football team in my city!" Society: "Wow, how wonderfully enlightened, you are pursuing your freedom of choice!" Girl: "I am a prostitute, specializing in orgies." Society: "You are the zenith of all human evolution!" Girl: "I get knocked up as often as I can to drain maximum cash from dumb rich guys for child support!" Society: "You're our hero!" Girl: "I'm 18 and I married and older guy." Society: "Call 911! OMG you LOSER! You debased human filth! He's a pedo!

ok so personally I don’t think there’s a probem with any of those things, except for the child support thing. but I don’t feel like society is as accepting with all those things as you say. If a girl chooses to do any of those things you mentioned, she’ll probably be called a whore or a slut multipe times. Society isn’t accepting with any of those things.
Society does have a problem with age gap relationships, but that isn’t the only thing that needs to be fixed. 

A Nintendo divulgou um trailer de pouco mais de seis minutos com um resumo de tudo que poderemos encontrar em Xenoblade Chronicles X. É possível ver detalhes (em japonês) do sistema de viagem rápida, de navegação, funcionalidades da câmera, o combate com personagens, a habilidade Overclock Gear (quando ativada na batalha, aumenta consideravelmente a quantidade de Arts que você pode executar), combate com as Dolls (como são chamados os mechas no jogo), tela para equipar os personagens e o multip


                                     …Life is not meant more for the pessimists but for the optimists who see life in every moment and feel every moment in life. Good Morning and have a nice day.

William McKinley High School, is the home to a group of kids, who‘re just trying to find their place in the world. Now, with the seniors of New Direction having graduated, it leaves to most of them find their place under the sun of what this world suggests.

Using their savings, a group of graduates move to New York, in a small house along with their new roommates, and now between college and work, they have to find a way to live their lives and most importantly, try to ignore the feelings they all develop for one each other.

                                  story + masterlist + rules + ask + apply

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