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Artist Name: Laura Hyunjhee Kim


Another from our guest picker from last week, Lily Bui. 

To navigate, you must be brave, and you must remember. Learn the ancient Polynesian art of wayfinding. (This does have auto-playing audio, just as an FYI friends). 

Lily Bui is a STEM Story Project associate the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), a citizen science editor at SciStarter & Discover Magazine, and an M.S. candidate in MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program. You will likely find her playing the ukulele, tinkering with sensors, or eating burritos. In no particular order.


Uruha (the GazettE) fan art - step-by-step

This is a multimedia painting that took me like forever. At first I wanted to paint it with watercolors, but after a few brush strokes I realized the painting was ruined so I started “playing” with it - adding all different types of layers and in the end it came out this way~ :3 

For a better quality visit my deviantART page



I have recently begun promoting an app that hits the app stores on the 14th of August called tivvi. Tivvi is basically the really cool child of vine+instagram with a larger capability of connectivity. On the app there are these things called tiles which are basically photo threads that haves themes to them, and you an invite you friends to add to your tiles or start your own collection. It would be really cool of you guys if you checked this out! #letstivvi

PostMetaPaintbrush Episode 1: Wynn and the Blue/Orange Poster

"What are you up to on there?"

"Looking for women"

"On the internet? You’d have better luck looking for a power saw at a coffee shop"

Wynn did that thing. His ripostes had neither the zest of improvs nor the eloquence of composeds, giving him the almost impressive ability to simultaneously affect both wit and inastucity. He stood stiff: if his posture existed in a vacuum one would extrapolate that he wore oversized button shirts and jeans that ran perfectly vertically without any of the eighty dollar crease marks. But he wore a birdhouse on his head and feather fur as sleeve lint. An awful[ly] contradictory guy, in lots of ways.

Let’s stop for an eighth. I don’t like to do that and it’s not for my own accord. Getting explicit like that is bad form in some schools, but I don’t have Jake Barnes’ narrative restraint. I’ll hold back on the moralism and stick to deflection, but be generous and eat this up as meta. Onward?

Wynn left for groceries and I drank mandarin oranges in a spoonstraw. The canned peaches/oranges/mango complemented the glows of the room’s blue screens (television, laptop, phone) to create an iridescent effect like those late 2000s superhero movie posters. The wall noises turned to sea foam and I blinked for twelve hours.

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