While sorting and cleaning out all of my scraps and WIPs, I found this.

I started it last year and finally finished it this year, hurray! |D

So….you know those times in which you are ready or not ready to be the older sibling? Yeah…

According to my mom, when my brother was born, I started crying and screaming “NO BABY!” over and over again. Which meant, I did NOT want him at all.

Funny though…the two of us are fucking inseparable now and are best friends |D

So yeah, I’m gonna keep working on stuff~

Trade 2 of 2 with Wisnia!

This time with Twins and Combaticus c:

I remember a while back when working on nightmare fuel stuff she suggested I try my hand at Combaticus and I did, along with the rest of the fam. Problem was I never really got around to finish it :c

Not sure if this is quite what you wanted, being as I might go back and redo something different for them but I thought this was a neat little idea to work with <:)

Either way, I do hope you like it and if you wanted something different, please let me know! c:>


Part 1 of a short story headcanon thing I did with Ozzal and his father (IF he had one, lol) This was also a part of a discussion with Vys too who help me with giving me some ideas c:

I’ll probably write out the story in more depth eventually but I just want to be quick and straight to the main point here since I’m hungry, hehe.

Pic 1: His father is sleeping and is wakened by Ozzal who tells him he has a bad dream. Ozzal’s father isn’t the very comforting and easy to approach type of person about these things. So he’s not too happy to be awakened by these things.

Pic 2: His father replies to Ozzal telling him that there is no room for silly little things like that, as they make him weak and inferior (being grand overlord with a lot of power, I’d imagine these things to be very vexing for them I suppose as they strive for power and perfection). He also mentions to Ozzal that weaknesses like these are not tolerated within their home, thus rather saying he is not his son if he choses to be weak, thus upsetting Ozzal.

Pic 3: Feeling hurt, Ozzal is very unsure of what to say or do at this point but stay quiet in a way to respond. He doesn’t want to appear weak to his father, but he just cant help but feel fearful of everything at the moment.

That is all for now, I’ll do the rest another time because painting these were a pain D:

Hope you like them though ;;

Christmas gift 1: For my buddy TacoKart <3

I drew this up yesterday, but couldn’t post it sooner since I’m sick with a stomach virus :C But I’ll get over it, just need plenty of fluids.

Anyways, my early Christmas gift to you, dear friend, of our OCs c:

Coya feels that Deh is now ready and are giving him that little extra push of confidence c: They’re so proud of him, hehe~

Hope you like it! c: