Setting the Date Specific Objectives: The Must Haves, Whys and Hows analysis

A question frequently from individuals overcome a challenge of eating disorder, “Why? Why do I have to struggle with food and weight? “Questions” why “question is the starting point. It certainly makes sense, the reasons why eating a challenge or expose weight challenge arose. Ask your brain, “Why?” Creates a puzzle to be solved. The mind looks logical for clues as to why something exists. Enjoy yourself in questions, why has some positive aspects. It allows you to uncover the physiological, biological, social, emotional and spiritual reasons why you run binge, compulsive or emotional eating. Rental explore yourself, “Why?” also allows you to validate your life story, is present to what previously not spoken or written, and gives meaning to your trip. It also allows you to spend time curious about your situation, instead of running and hiding from an eating disorder. Ask “why?” Helps some understanding and compassion to your weight loss journey. It begins the process of transition from a state of victimization to one of personal responsibility. “Why?” Constraints ask, “Why?” Has its limits. The problem with “why” are questions that they usually do nothing to solve the problem. After all the answers are not really moving to establish a new result. For example, one may ask, why do you think about diet and with a little willingness to know your reasons, you will discover some of the correct answers. Plenty of time, introspection, self-help books and guides to, your mind eventually piece together the whole puzzle of why something happened. And then what? You have a better understanding of your situation. Are you better? Well, partly. Understanding why you can bring sense and compassion on the way the package before you are. You can begin to forgive others and forgive yourself. You realize that your struggle meaning and purpose, the core of it. However, asking “Why?” Alone is simply not enough for you to change your life. Empowering questions It also helps to ask empowering questions on the road. These questions are the ones that you to a vision of where you go and create a movement forward in this direction. There are questions that help you stay centered in the present reality. This means, can explore options to what concrete measures do you take immediately to in the future, to move to create for themselves. The combination of understanding “why” is your situation as it is, want to build together with the generation of a sharp, clear picture of the future you is how to create a fulfilling life. Since your mind will try all the questions you answer them, makes the kind of question you ask a big difference. Consider the difference between asking, “Why do not I love?” And “How could I love myself more?” Or, “Why I have no self-respect?” And “How can I make my ? self-esteem “is another example:” Why is my life so hard “and” What can I take a step to make things a little better “questions, create change How you made the above examples of the types of questions that you yourself will bring you to see very different results. If you are ready to make changes in your life, use the questions below enable you to clarify what you want for yourself and how you on a journey with what you do want to go. 1. What do I want? What will do this for me? What is important to me about it? 2. What would I do if I were compassionate and wise? How would I do it? When, where, what, with whom I? 3. How do I know if I what I want? What a feeling I would have the inside? If I do not have what would it? What is it would be important? 4. What prevents me from truth to this? How do I know? What happens if I do what you want? What does it mean to do for me? Better than what? What impact has significant other? 5. If I what I want, what risk do I have? If I what I want, what I have to risk to win? 6. What I get from doing what I do now? Start today on these issues and move beyond “why” you’re just like you are in the life you live!

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emperor dragons: multiheaded undead imperials. full of rage and badassery. also body horror. think its in the imperial entry of the encyclopedia

OH OK thank you - found the thing:

Emperor dragons are [sic] danger on a battlefield where many Imperials have fallen. These ghastly behemoths are a[sic] mindless monstrosity, fused from the bodies of fallen Imperials with some specimens known to haved[sic] reached over 100 meters in length, They may possess up to 11 heads - the larger the emperor, the more heads it will possess. Each head is capable of wielding the element of the dragon that spawned it. These monsters destroy without thought and absorb elemental energy from the creatures and landscape surrounding it[sic]. Emperors are not to be trifled with. It may take the combined efforts of many clans to bring down an aberration of this magnitude; these dangerous opponents are one[sic] of the few creatures that may draw the gods from their shrines and onto a battlefield.


Now if only they’d let us make these out of our extra imperials instead of exalting! :D

…Also I wish they’d hire me to copyedit the encyclopedia. u___u  The number of times this entry hops between singular and plural without warning is making me dizzy. Otherwise it’s one of the more excellent bits of lore I’ve seen on FR.

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I'm going to make a post on reddit with a hell of a call-out of toxic SJ + massive what about teh menz; I'm gonna link some of your posts tagged "my issues with sj", ok? - Multiheaded

sounds good! Link me to it when it goes up! You might also want to check out youneedacat— sie has great meta-SJ thoughts and impeccable oppression olympics cred.

This my first creation enemy concept of my sketch book for 2012…


  • Species: Rotrianthion
  • Subspecies: Tremtranchios
  • Location: Plantrak Jungle, Florgry, Mandrya Continent
  • Planet: Elelix XL481


This creature are the most dangerous canivorous plant that seen in the deep of the jungle with a lot of infested roots and sunlight. If this creature live with a lot of sunray, this means it can produce electrical voltage each of his visible roots that generate plasma, with his roots has a high voltage from the ground it can create electrocute around the field. Even so, his two heads are his weakness, if they cut each of them, they will no longer live in a period of minutes if theirs no sunlight…



All design created by me. ©Unialien.

Multihead weigher structure

Multihead weigher" trunk shaper: both lapels and triangle forming working principle is modified U-forming device. Former trunk on both sides with a protective edge, the purpose is to prevent the former curved laminated film is too long and cause adverse deviation, the impact folding bag for a single longitudinal single membrane docking surface sealing flat bag molding inside back cover. Its small resistance movement, filling a short distance of strong material adaptability, design, manufacturing easier, but can not meet the specifications of pocket change, the same as the size of the bag-shaped structure specifications lapel shaper than the big, more for vertical packaging machine.
Multihead weigher" V formation type: it is one of the single film in the form of flat sheets of synthetic filter by V-shaped notch guides, guide rollers and dual-channel longitudinal sealing rollers. Applies to all sides sealing flat bag molding, strong material and pocket size adaptability, a small resistance movement, commonly used in vertical packaging machine or unit small package.
Multihead weigher" Former interception: usually from the back cover, a clipping device, led by guide rollers and other components of the composition, structure can have a variety of combinations. Tubular single film for cross-Cover surface sealing flat bag molding. Commonly used in the form - fill - seal machine interlocks.

Multihead weigher actual

Each “Multihead weigher" should according to their actual situation to pursue their own characteristics. For example an ordinary colleges of engineering, mechanical advantage of their school and its control, there has been some research in the packaging machinery and control, anti-counterfeiting packaging, etc., formed their own "Multihead weigher" mechanical control and anti-counterfeiting packaging features . Currently run by Packaging Engineering, in addition to considering the interdisciplinary, it also continues to maintain these characteristics, which avoids similar to other "Multihead weigher" Packaging Engineering in knowledge structure, distribution of graduates is relatively small pressure .

Multihead weigher process

Some low-end commodity “Multihead weigher" chaos in the design or production of advanced materials application process is extremely complicated, and produced a fine, but do not meet the high cost of goods worth. Some high-end product that timber poor humble, simple design, and commodity grades do not match. Thus creating the selection and production must comply worth of goods, to follow the law of value of goods. Conducive to the production of the vast majority "Multihead weigher" design is mechanized production, which is the intent of the designer’s thinking is ultimately accomplished by mechanical help. Therefore, to be completed in the creation from the beginning of the production of goods that must be considered suitable for mechanized mass production, such as wine "Multihead weigher”, to consider printing bottle production, trade marks, including photography, plate, cutting„ trademark Paste , bottle seals, packaging boxes, box production.