“”You’re not being respectful that they have different views than you.” Well yes, no, I’m not respecting that they’re not being respectful. I don’t need to respect views. (…) I hope anger gets stirred up a little bit more. People say “oh, it’s all about respect and you know, multiculturalism, you gotta respect that people have different opinions.” Well, no, kids are fucking killing themselves. Kids are killing themselves because of ideas like this. Ideas that start with: “well, no I know, it’s just i… it’s my belief that gay people shouldn’t get married.” Well, little kids hearing that, you don’t think they’ve fucking killed themselves? You’ve got blood on your hands. (…) This coping mechanism to not go through the world angry, it’s this acceptance and respect of other people’s beliefs. I fucking hate that so much. If your belief is hateful towards towards people, I don’t respect it. I couldn’t… I hate it. I hate that belief. I’ve had a lot of gay friends in High School, and I saw very quickly that very seed of an idea growing into a kid, someone, choking them, or someone driving by yelling ‘faggot’ to them as they’re walking down the street with their boyfriend. And I don’t think it’s time to sit down and be like: “let’s sit across the aisle, and let’s talk.” You know, maybe it’s just the young, aggressive person in me, but I don’t feel like being patient with them. I feel like being like: Kids are dying, I don’t give a shit what you think, this isn’t a matter of “put it up to a vote and see what the system does.” It’s like, no, the smart people in power need to sort of understand what’s being said here. And I don’t give a shit what a book says.”
—  Bo Burnham and one of the many reasons i love him

"Asian" = politically correct term for "Muslim". We all know. Remember the 1400 rape victims in Rotherham? (http://www.nationalreview.com/article/387428/1400-english-girls-raped-multiculturalism-dennis-prager)

Welcome to multicultural England in 21st century. Thank you liberals, socialists and Labour Party. How are the English allowing this in their own country? Beyond understanding.

anonymous asked:

Do you think race mixing in the atla world really only happened once the United Republic happened? It doesn't make much sense since it seem it would happen just by virtue of the world being as it is (kind of like our world). Especially as the air nomads traveled the world and interacted with other nation people (like Aang and Bumi). But what about a bender of another nation being born into one nation? How do you think that played out?

My guess is that the Avatar’s influence largely avoided the single biggest cause of cultural interaction (ie. international wars of conquest).  The Air Nomads probably took any child who demonstrated airbending to the Air Temples, but multicultural families would have been rare enough not to merit much attention otherwise.

My name is Zoe, and Im mixed.

My fathers a secular ashkenazi, sephardic, and turk jew.

My mothers chinese and manchurian.

I was born in Nakano district in Tokyo, Japan. I grew up there until I was around 6-7 years old. I had and still have a strong japanese influence and upbringing in me. I went to the festivals, went to an international school and local japanese school, and spoke decent japanese.

I moved to central New York because of my fathers job. I still currently live there.

Although most of the kids were welcoming, some kids asked me questions because i came from a foreign country, and because i was mixed.

As I progressed through the years of school, those particular kids started to get more racist and fetishizing. Since my mom packs japanese bentos for my school lunch, whenever i would eat my onigiri, people would yell out “sushi girl” and tease me.

middle school was the worst time when it came to racism. People would insult my thick brown asian hair, they would use me to do their work just because i was asian, they would get more curious and disgusted by my bentos, they would think i was not really asian “because youre only half asian.” They would diss my jewish heritage, and white people would constantly fetishize me.

I have been thought to be Korean, Mexican, Native American, or  full Japanese from ignorant people.

Some people think I look pure jewish, some people think I look jewish wtih a tiny bit of asian traits, and some people think i look pure asian.

I started to wonder why I was growing up with japanese culture. I started to hate my chinese side just because i was more assimilated into the japanese way of life. 

But now, Im starting to love myself more. The history of my relatives and ancestors are fascinating.

My parents also faced racism too. My mom gets constantly criticized by her poor english, and my dad used to face harsh anti semitism from teachers and students alike when he was a kid.

My relatives from my moms side grew up in manchukuo during WW2. They were also assimilated into the japanese culture, and my grandfather even learned japanese. My grandmother is half manchu, and claims that her manchurian lineage is from a noble family.

Next year, Im visiting manchuria and japan: Tokyo, Yokohama, Harbin, and even the beautiful city of Dalian! 

Im hafu, Im jewish, Im chinese, and I grew up with a japanese upbringing. Im so proud of who I am. Mixed kids forever!

Arab Little Red Riding Hood with a red hijab

A Japanese Snow White with her coveted pale skin and shiny black hair

Mexican Cinderella with colorful Mexican glass blown slippers

Greek Beauty and the Beast where Beast is a minotaur

Culture-bent fairy tales that keep key canonical characteristics

EDIT: if you decide to draw or write about any of these, please pm the post with what you’ve made added. I really want to see what y’all make, but I won’t be able to find anything on my own with all these notes!

On racism in Australia

Please stop perpetuating this myth and false equivalency that because Australia is a multicultural country, racism is apparently non-existent. This is absolutely not the case. By saying this, you are erasing and silencing the voices and experiences of those who suffer from very real racial discrimination in Australia. Listen to PoC when they talk about how deeply rooted racism is in this country. Wake up and start taking in the facts.

Understanding Zayn Malik: Culture and Identity (Pt 1)

Zayn Malik likes to act (or has accepted that he needs to) like he’s some mysterious, broody lad. His team likes to push this image onto him, because you know, he’s that colored kid, and those whites can never understand those coloreds. Lets reinforce these discriminatory rooted lines, by announcing that its okay to perpetuate everything Zayn’s people have been fighting against for years and years.

But he’s really just…you know, a person.


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Custom Ethnic Dolls by Karen Byrd

Founder, owner and designing artist of Natural Girls United, Karen Byrd has taken on the project of creating multicultural dolls that have a variety of natural hairstyles, including wavy, kinky, curly, coily hair, braids, locs, afros, afro puffs, and textured up-dos. She takes custom orders for dolls on her website. 

 ”I have wanted to take-on the project of customizing dolls hair, to have the look and feel of styles, and textures of ethnic women and girls, for a long time.The Natural Girls United! project has turned into a business, and is something that I hope will help to bring a positive view of what ethnic beauty is.  There is a serious need for our young girls to be able to have dolls that look like them. It is something that affects their self esteem and confidence, and how they fell about themselves. But each day we learn that it is important to show them and teach them that their beauty is beautiful.”
-Karen Byrd

Check out her site! Custom Hair Dolls   Natural Girls United

People indignant that others would have the audacity to sing ‘America the Beautiful’ in a language other than English, when America was built on opening its arms to the world? The quote on the Statue of Liberty doesn’t say ‘give me your English-speaking only, Christian-believing, heterosexual masses.’ It says ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, tempest-tost.’
—  Atlanta anchorwoman destroys conservative arguments about the multilingual Coca-Cola ad.