Hidekane is relatively popular but tsukikane is the most popular in Japan; both are considered as major CPs iirc. It got even more attention especially with how TGA ended. :3c

But srsly, a good number of the JP fandom multi-ship anyway. :,D


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I am a Marvel and DC blogger, but multi-fandom blogs are fine as long as you post at least some Marvel or DC.

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Videos set to the characters own words, wreck my feels, more so than videos set to music alone.

Olitz mvid by Multi-fandom af

I post multi fandoms but some I post more than others. If you are interested in what you see give me a follow. I usually follow back similar interests. 

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Sorry for the overload of Red Dwarf lately, folks. This blog is still multi-fandom; it’s just a little focused on my recent RD adventures just now. I will try to keep it a little balanced. :)

Signs as how they fangirl
  • Aries:Plots alternate endings
  • Taurus:Role play online
  • Gemini:Re-watches the films
  • Cancer:Writes fan mail
  • Leo:Cosplays at events
  • Virgo:Writes fanfic
  • Libra:Re-reads the books
  • Scorpio:Makes edits on instagram
  • Sagittarius:Live action roleplay
  • Capricorn:Reads fanfic
  • Aquarius:Cosplays for fun
  • Pisces:Has a dedicated tumblr