Fate's Design: Prologue

TITLE: Fate’s Design


AUTHOR: vanillabeanlattes


GENRE: Romance, angst, drama

FIC SUMMARY: It was fate’s design that intertwined their lives, she had learned that long ago. But what could love endure? Could it guide her through grief? Could it guide her through pain? Could it guide her through madness? Or would it blind her and change her … giving her a dark future with no promise of escape?

RATING: M, definitely in later chapters

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Okay so I did it, I started a Loki story. This is the prologue and I can’t promise any updates soon. I would like to finish Two Weeks in London first. But this was bugging me and I had to get it out. Here’s hoping you all like it!


“Love… What is love? Love is to love someone for who they are, who they were, and who they will be.” - Chris Moore

The chains echoed louder than the many footsteps of the party which moved through the halls of Asgard’s palace. It was a rhythmic beat, and it quite possibly sounded comforting to most. But not her. As the tall, lithe figure peered around a massive pillar in Odin Allfather’s throne room, her heart thudded to a stop at seeing the prisoner. A year… it had been more than year since she had touched him, kissed him, felt his breath on her neck and his hands on her skin. More than a year since she screamed his name as he fell into the abyss and she attempted to fall after him.

Loki Laufeyson was very much changed since then. He seemed taller, if that was even possible and his skin was paler. She wondered if his eyes were still the pale green she dreamed of, or if they were the mad blue the rumors said they were.

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