Napping | Niall&Harry

Harry was currently stood in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich. He was craving a tea but knew Niall had some left in his flat so he settled on something eatable instead. As soon as he finished preparing it, he shoved the sandwich into his mouth, put on a jacket and grabbed his keys and phone before heading out of his flat. It was a two minute walk only so he figured he could just walk instead of driving there, like he usually did. To be fair, he never actually walked anywhere anymore, since he wasn’t too keen on being followed around.

On his way to Niall’s flat, he quietly ate his sandwich, checking his phone now and then. Once he was stood infront of the blonde lad’s door, he knocked twice, already finished eating. He took a step backwards and began humming a random melody as he waited for Niall to open the door.



It was a rather long night, she found herself in the back of her limo on the verge of a migraine when she whistled at the driver asking him to pull over at the next convenient store. Stumbling out of the limo when it stopped she sighed, she didn’t care that she was barefoot or that her hair was in tassled curls or that her cocktail dress had one of the straps half off. She was watching her feet when she stumbled right into someone,”My god, I’m so sorry” she said looking up at the boy with her wide doe like eyes of apology, she hadn’t even entered the store yet and she was causing problems. She skimmed her bottom lip with her teeth, oh how she loved London, the boys were cute and she just happened to bump right into a really cute.