muldaaah asked:

Because of you and that anon, I started watching The Killing and I'm almost done with S1.... WHY IS THIS SHOW SO GREAT OMG



(ikr? the show is so underrated imo. it’s like the third wheel right between breaking bad and the walking dead. must be hard to stand out. but it’s sooo good! wait till you get to season 3~~~~)

anonymous asked:

which one direction blogs do you follow? i need recs.

hello anon! i don’t actually follow too many 1D blogs, sorry D: minna posts a lot of 1D though, and so does nessa – they’re both brilliant and you should definitely follow them! also niri, who is currently spiralling over little things. they probs all have better blog recs than i do tbh, so you should maybe ask them (: 

(also this question is hilarious to me because uptil like two months ago ‘one direction’ was actually on my blacklist and now look at me being asked for recs, it is clearly a sign that my life is a travesty)

muldaaah asked:

hey milka, just letting you know that i usually don't cry when i watch tv shows but i did cry just now because i watched the firefly special. enjoy it!

w o w ok now i’m really scared of watching it because i’m a crier ugh here goes everything

muldaaah asked:

hey there, first of all, you're doing an amazing job with your themes. i absolutely adore every one of them! now i hope i'm not annoying but maybe you can help me out and tell me how i can put the source name in my html so it will show up on my blog and not just only the © sign? thanks in advance and have a great week!

hi! thank you so much! 
oh you mean like in the bottom right corner? well the theme credit that i put there on the theme said my url already (aausten because that was my url then) so if you’ve changed it to the copyright sign you must already know how to change it back..?
oh have a lovely week you too. x 

muldaaah asked:

Bless you for posting so much Firefly stuff lately. :3 It's perfect. And thank you for always reblogging stuff from my CaptainFillion blog.

holy shit i wasn’t aware that blog was yours it’s awesome <3 and yeah man if i could  post firefly 24/7 i totally would :’)