Day of Ashura, Tehran, Iran

(During this day, People gather and mourn for Imam Hussain (PBUH) and his family, and there are tents (as a symbol of Imam Hussain’s family tents in Karbala) on streets which are set into fire during a street theatrical acting called Ta’ziyeh, showing how Yazid’s and Shimr’s Army brutally attacked and fired the tents of family of Imam Hussain (PBUH),[People wearing red in the picture are acting as the Shimr’s Army in Taziyeh]) 

anonymous said:

But that post is problematic, because while the example is public, it's still not appropriate. There is no wali (not necessarily father but someone sanctioned) over the girl in a case of intent to marry. The modern view or what's deemed appropriate is having purpose in gender interaction. Always have to ensure you have a proper purpose in mind. (Work, business ect). There is purpose in the example but not proper adab. Sorry for ranting haha

I don’t think you understood? 

The comment that I was agreeing with was “So being in public with plenty of witnesses, with the awareness of someone else such as a family member (aka not secret meeting), and keeping boundaries… I personally do not see anything wrong with that!”

By “dating” I mean the two being able to sit together, go out, and have conversations under the supervision of a muhram. Of course its not the actual definition of a date but its what we can refer to as a halal Muslim way of getting to know someone. Its not an “arranged marriage”, we are allowed to get to know a potential spouse for how ever long we need. The point here is, the problem with modern Muslim marriages is not that “we don’t know each other well enough” but actually that we’re not mature enough to get married.