Humans by Nick Muhart


We as humans aren’t meant to be perfect.

We’re meant to be broken.

Society is the bully that torments you on the playground.

Society makes you think that you have to be this,

and you have to be that.

Like you have to be the person you see on the cover of a magazine,

But the truth behind that impeccable person is that they’re flawed too.

Because, you see, you can’t spell flawless without flaw.


We as humans aren’t meant to be like everyone else.

We’re meant to be unique.

People are supposed to be an individual with their own personality.

Isn’t that the reason that we exist?

We exist to make the world more diverse.

To make the world see from different points of view

Instead of from one black and white mind.

Because, you see, we live in a world of color.


We as human aren’t meant to be controlled.

We’re meant to be free.

Free to make our own decisions,

Our own paths in life,

Our own futures.

Free to be who we want and express ourselves.

Free to spread our wings and go wherever the wind may take us.

Because, you see, we aren’t meant to be caged birds.


We as humans aren’t meant to be alone.

We’re meant to be loved.

Just as we are meant to love others.

Just as we are meant to love ourselves.

We’re supposed to share a unity of respect for others,

And a respect for ourselves.

Love is what put us here on this Earth.

Because, you see, we need each other to survive.


Replaced the geometry for the holes in the barrel and missile pods with a texture. Doing this shaved around 2000 tris off of the model. I plan to do this to the SAMs and AA guns too, which should really add up and take a lot of tris out of the picture, hopefully giving people with weaker PCs better frame rates.

Just finished the road chunk for the city stage. Basically how it will work is the chunk of road gets duplicated along a spline that makes up the course. Since theres no actual terrain to worry about, the scenery can just be sitting on a flat black plane under the road, which you’ll never see due to the guard rails and wall.