Warrior Wednesday. Today, you can learn about one of the Mughal Empire’s fiercest weapons.

What some call the first tank and devastated the battlefield both physically and mentally, striking fear into the hearts of any warrior that saw it approaching.

The Armored Elephant.  

The painting above immortalizes that  singular event where Guru Nanak Ji met Emperor Babur in his tent and where surely a discussion on God and Philosophy transpired. In the background of this very fine painting is Mardana the Rebec player and companion  of Guru Nanak on his long travels over 35 years. To the left of Babur is his young son Hamayun. Notice a guard holding Babur’s falcon. Noblemen and soldiers of Babur’s Afghan Army listen intently as the discourse carries on into the night.

Huge tribal India inspired pendant necklace purple faux stone with aurora borealis beads
•Rectangular panel with floral design, dangleing purple AB glass beads, and a large cab centerpiece
•Total drop is 15 inches, from clasp to panel
•Panel is 3 x 2 ¼"
•Purple cabochon (glass or acrylic) is 1 5/8" x 1 1/8"
•This could easily be shortened if you like, it reaches to 3" above my belly button
•Very good vintage condition
• International buyers welcome

Credit cards and Paypal accepted.

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