I just can’t talk, I’m afraid my heart may just burst. This day must be in fact magical. First ‘love bombing’ in the fandom and now this.

Sorry for the quality, had to take pics with the phone, since our camera’s dead at the moment.

He’s so faaaaaaaaaaat. With a sleek caramel coat and waffery-fragile paws - I can’t believe I got to hold them. And even smells like something sweet. And even melts a little into your hands when you pick him up.

Guys. I’m happy. May you be too.

P.S. Maybe it’s even a good thing the camera’s dead, or here’d be over 9000 Loraxbelly shots XD

Speaking of "Moostache"...

Sam’s one lucky guy, practically wearing a friend on his face all the time. :)

I mean, a moustache that talks and sings when you’re down? That frames your face in a heart frame? That protects you from cold on its own will? Punches those who are on your way? Not to mention the scarce tears it happened to soak at times…

Heck, I even start to suspect it’s Sam’s softer side found a way out through his face, not having any space in a small body… He’s said to have anger issues after all, so why not?