I just want to let everyone know that undead-potatoes is one of the loveliest and coolest people I’ve ever been so incredibly fortunate to meet and that she has been a bright light to me on some pretty dark days, us becoming friends is one of the best things that have happened to me in the last year and it’s very important to me that she knows that and that everyone knows that.

I keep thinking about DAI okay just imagine when it finally comes out and you start it for the first time and you create a character for the first time and you hit play for the first time ever and there’s the game right in front of you and I swear I won’t even blink for like two hours ooooh maaannnnnn

anxiety over talking on the phone is the worst, because you can’t get anything done, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can contact my bank by any means OTHER than calling them all day now and I can’t find anything, it’s all just “call this number” and now I have to spend fucking days preparing for this shit I hate phones


people i would probably take a bullet for

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people who are infinitely important to me

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flawless people who always brighten my day

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wow look at all that awesome, unbelievable :’3 thank you all so much for making my dashboard truly amazing, I owe you <3