Cob Workshop in British Columbia

Ever since stumbling onto a posting on the MudGirls website of a cob workshop I have been committed to go, and I am happy to say that I will be attending a two week workshop with them in July on Salt Spring Island!!!

I have done no travelling before and have definitely never travelled by myself, but I am ready for whatever this adventure/learning experience has in store. I will be flying for the first time to Victoria, B.C., then taking a ferry to the island, where I will camp on Funky Revolution Farm and learn to build a cob oven and a cob store for farmers. I am beyond excited to just get to put my hands and feet in tons of dirt with fellow mud lovers. This  opportunity is such a blessing, I feel ready to walk into the unknown realm of travelling alone to new places with just a backpack and a tent. 

Woohoo to taking chances and following your dreams! Money smells, but let’s try to do what we can everyday and never fall under its spell, or become enslaved to it.


You can build really massive cob walls that are load-bearing, but for this project, the roof is using post and beam. The wood is from trees harvested by hand on the land. Half the roof rafters were set in place during the workshop. In the end, it’s going to be a living roof, holding a strawberry garden.