do you think wild pokemon dream of evolving, or is it something they come to understand once they bond with their trainers

i mean some evolve in the wild, sure, but do you think the ones that dont stare in awe and wonder why that can’t happen to them

but then a young kid finds them and decides that they should be friends

and that friendship unlocks their true potential and they’re just so happy to have found someone willing to help them achieve their dream

i do

JOHN: can you at least tell me what happened there? like, how did that go? 
VRISKA: It was fine. For a while. 
VRISKA: It didn’t really work out. 
JOHN: oh. 
VRISKA: We crossed paths every now and then after that. 
VRISKA: Things stayed pretty friendly 8etween us. 
VRISKA: Until he died. 
JOHN: what?? 
JOHN: what do you mean he died? 
VRISKA: He was murdered. 

siiiiiiiighs sadly


I think I finally figured out the settings to my ideal pencil/sketching brush in Sai. I only recommend you use a very very light, near white to sketch due to the multiply settings (but a very light, low saturated color works fine, too if that’s how you like to roll)

it’s also pretty good for painting on texture and can produce some cool color effects, but it’s useless as an inking brush so take it or leave it i guess

have some gabbies i drew using it, the last one was made using an old version but it was close enough