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Unsurprisingly (but amusingly), a lot of Pimp My Ride now revealed to be fake

In news that should come as a shock to no one, The Huffington Post is reporting that much of the auto work done on ’00s MTV reality show Pimp My Ride was sub-standard, to say the least. The site interviewed several of the show’s “contestants” (a.k.a. people who volunteered their shitty rides to be on TV) who said that, after the cameras left, they were left with barely-functioning cars, many of which were downright dangerous to drive. One contestant, Justin Dearinger, even told HuffPo that his car spontaneously exploded years later, albeit after he’d done some work to it on his own.

Other revelations include the fact that producers actually took out a lot of the stuff in the cars after the shoot, like in Dearinger’s case. His car lost its “pop-up” champagne cooler because the network didn’t want to encourage him to drink and drive, and its “drive-in theater” because it wasn’t street legal. Other items were placed into the cars for aesthetics but never actually worked, like a robotic arm placed in one contestant’s car that was “controlled by commands that were entered into a laptop by the spiky haired guy off screen,” but was really just “a robotic arm with a bunch of wires hanging out of it.”

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Here it is! The Official sicksad-dariadiaries contest for reaching 1k 2k followers! So like any contest there are rules… 


You can reblog as many times a day as you want, I will choose a winner by a random generator and if they followed the rules! 


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Notes: This post must reach at least 700 reblogs so make sure to reblog as much as you can! This contest is open to everyone (worldwide baby) If you win I will message you on tumblr giving you my email so you can safely email me your address, if you do not email me within a week of winning I will have to choose someone else!

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This contest will end June 1st 2015! Happy Rebloging and good luck to you! If you have any questions then message me here