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Some people say that Josh Ramsay is a bad role model because he used to be addicted to heroin and he swears a lot. But I think he’s even better for it, because he’s proof that no matter how hard things get, they will always get better. He has shown me that no matter what, if you just keep fighting, the rewards will be worth it in the end. He is my inspiration to not give up. 
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Josh Ramsay may not think so but I really look up to him, I never been so inspired, so motivated to do something on what I really want to do. I plan to meet him when I reach my goal, and tell him my story. I refuse to look at anything on his background, because I feel he should tell me on his own terms and on his own time but, that’s just me. I really look forward to my future.

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 My guilty pleasure is Michael Ayley. By God, that man is so attractive. Pictures do him no justice. And he was the only one to actually try and hold a conversation with me when I met him. His mohawk is unbelievably groomed. I will always have a secret “toy box” in my heart just for him. His tattoo “NoMatterWhat” Has gotten me through a lot and taught me that good things really never change unless you change them, at least for me  

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i have a confession, one time i went to a marianas trench and then i went back stage with josh and raped him and then afterwards shit in his mouth and left him naked on the floor , is thhat bad?