Magic Celebration 2013 - Quick Deck Guide

What’s up guys and the days are closing in on this awesome event! On September 7, 2013, participating game stores will be having the Magic Celebration even, which will be completely FREE for all! More information found HERE!

At the event, you’ll be given (1) Magic 2014 Sample Deck and (1) M14 Booster for free! You’ll be entered in a series of games and once you reach a certain number of matches, you’ll receive an additional booster for free! Not bad right?

So here’s a quick run down on each deck and some tips! 


13  Island

13 lands

1  Air Servant
1  Archaeomancer
1  Coral Merfolk
1  Messenger Drake
1  Phantom Warrior
1  Scroll Thief
1  Seacoast Drake
1  Skyline Predator
1  Warden of Evos Isle
1  Wind Drake

10 creatures

1  Cancel
1  Claustrophobia
1  Disperse
1  Divination
1  Essence Scatter
1  Frost Breath
1  Time Ebb

7 other spells

Your primary win condition will be the abundant number of flying creatures. Warden of Evos Isle will allow your flying creatures to cost 1 less, freeing up resources so you can keep counter magic up during your opponent’s turn. Try and keep free mana up just for mind games when possible. 

The best part of this deck are most of the options through Instant speed. Take advantage of this when possible. 

Noteworthy cards: Divination & Warden of Evos Isle


13  Mountain

13 lands

1  Canyon Minotaur
1  Dragon Hatchling
2  Goblin Shortcutter
1  Guttersnipe
1  Pitchburn Devils
1  Regathan Firecat
1  Ripscale Predator

8 creatures

1  Act of Treason
2  Chandra’s Outrage
1  Flames of the Firebrand
1  Lava Axe
1  Seismic Stomp
1  Shock
1  Thunder Strike
1  Volcanic Geyser

9 other spells

One of the more straight forward decks, you’ll have the option of switching between being control or aggro depending on the board state. There’s some really nice ways to clear the path for your minions, so if you want a simple deck, this is the one.

Try and save Act of Treason for the late game. This will win you games out of nowhere, especially against Green players. 

Noteworthy Cards: Act of Treason & Flames of the Firebrand


13  Plains

13 lands

1  Assault Griffin
1  Auramancer
1  Capashen Knight
1  Concordia Pegasus
2  Master of Diversion
1  Serra Angel
1  Soulmender
1  Stonehorn Chanter
1  Sunspire Griffin

10 creatures

1  Brave the Elements
1  Divine Favor
1  Ethereal Armor
2  Pacifism
1  Righteous Charge
1  Show of Valor

7 other spells

The classic white weenie deck with an auras focus. It’s quite balanced and annoying in some match ups given it’s ability to attack both in the air and the ground. Try and bluff Brave the Elements when you can since it can double as defense and a wild offense in stalemates.

Make sure you’re casting your auras when your opponent’s tapped out so you don’t get 2 for 1’d, especially against Blue and Red players. There’s a handful of combat tricks, so bluff and bluff often. 

Noteworthy Cards: Serra Angel & Brave the Elements


13  Forest

13 lands

1  Archweaver
1  Axebane Stag
1  Brindle Boar
1  Deadly Recluse
2  Elvish Mystic
1  Giant Spider
1  Kalonian Tusker
1  Rootwalla
1  Rumbling Baloth
1  Woodborn Behemoth

11 creatures

1  Chorus of Might
1  Fog
1  Giant Growth
1  Hunt the Weak
1  Seek the Horizon
1  Wildwood Rebirth

6 other spells

This deck can be quite frightening  but also horrible given how awkward some of the starting hands can be. Mulligans will be important so you can actually curve out into an ideal game of beat down. Once you curve into your threats, there’s little your opponents can do (especially Red players) other than spot removal. 

Try and bluff Giant Growths. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll get in 2 damage over time just out of fear by your opponent.

Noteworthy Cards: Woodborn Behemoth & Deadly Recluse



13  Swamp

13 lands

1  Child of Night
1  Corpse Hauler
1  Deathgaze Cockatrice
1  Gutter Skulk
1  Nightwing Shade
1  Sengir Vampire
2  Undead Minotaur
1  Vampire Warlord

9 creatures

1  Assassin’s Strike
1  Corrupt
1  Mark of the Vampire
1  Mind Rot
2  Quag Sickness
1  Sinister Possession
1  Wring Flesh

8 other spells

A nice combination of vanilla cards and some obscenely powerful removal and buffs. Mark of the Vampire ranks among one of the most powerful buffs in limited, so make sure your opponent is tapped out without options when casting it. The Lifelink will turn games around, especially if they already have other abilities on them. There’s some decent removal, but don’t use them immediately and try to aim for trades early on.

Mind Rot will be valuable against Green players when they’re waiting to curve into their large fatties. While the deck is rather powerful with options, it’s weakness is the lack of Instants and surprises. 

Noteworthy Cards: Mark of the Vampire & Sengir Vampire

I hope this guide helps and good luck and have fun next Saturday!