2012 'Michigander' Up North Road & Trail Tour - Starts July 14th

Michigan’s awesome up-north ride: The 21st Annual Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance ‘Michigander Bicycle Tour’

Macniac City to Oniway, Alpena, Gaylord, Indian River. 2-Day or 6-Day trips available. Experienced to beginner cyclists of all ages welcome. One of those cool rides that just about everyone can enjoy. 

Riders will have an opportunity to explore the historic Mill Creek State Park as they pedal their way to Cheboygan. In Alpena, participants can experience “Shipwreck Alley” firsthand as they tour the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve or take a ride on a glass bottom boat. The 21st Michigander is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of Northern Michigan on two wheels, no more than 47 miles per day.

The two-day tour option is a great choice for families and first-time riders who want to experience what bicycle touring entails.
Bunch of cool farmland riding, scenic pine routes, state lands, plus Michigan’s northern rail trails and back roads.


❝Make This Go Away❞ • Jon ϟ Saraya

            Everyday was a severe challenge. Just getting out of bed in the morning brought more difficulties than it should have. This wasn’t normal— it wasn’t normal for a healthy twenty-two year old to be this fatigued. Her job was hard, yes. Her children drove her nuts, they were her children. Her husband had been away filming a movie, shit happens. She couldn’t necessarily blame all of her problems on those issues. Jon could see a noticeable difference in her. She was always tired. Irritable. Depressed. He thought the worst, but taking her to the doctor, they both learned that what she had was very common, but still serious; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

            Now, as Saraya laid in bed, she sighed softly. She didn’t like having to rest all the time. She had a nineteen month old and a four month old. She couldn’t make Jon do everything as well as worrying about his potential return to Monday night Raw. A small growl left her lips. “This is stupid,” she muttered, grumbling with slight anger.