Magic: the Gathering - Post DTK U/W Heroic

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Here is the build for the record which is tailored to the local metagame and our own playstyle and will be evolving over the next several weeks.  I do not suggest in any way that this may be a decent build but it did go 3 win 2 loss at the Friday Night Magic event at our local store, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.  

4x Favored Hoplite
4x Battlewise Hoplite
4x Hero of Iroas
4x Heliod’s Pilgrim
3x Graceblade Artisan

4x Aqueous Form
4x Ordeal of Thassa
4x Ordeal of Heliod
3x Stratus Walk

4x Gods Willing

9x Plains
5x Island
4x Flooded Strand
4x Mana Confluence

4x Pacifism
3x Valorous Stance
3x Erase
3x Stubborn Denial
2x Banishing Light

The only change really is that there is now a full book-set of Pacifism in the SB and with Hero of Iroas out, this now costs only one white to lock down a dangerous dragon.  Graceblade Artisan may not be ideal synergy for the Ordeals (as we like these to pop on the turn it is played) but we will admit that Graceblade was a serious beat stick during some of our games.