So Sarkhan was never Born...

Wizards has said that this won’t effect the multiverse timeline, but there’s a few consequences regardless.

1. Zendikar block has to be retconned entirely. *And by “has”, I mean should, If you’ve read the books, you know what I’m talking about*

2. Jace and Sorin were both on Zendikar. Whatever happened there instead of encountering Sarkhan could affect their actions in Ravinca and Innistrad, respectively, and the outcomes of those plots. 

3. Moving further back, Ajani never encounters Sarkhan after the leonin’s spark ignites, which could have a profound effect on his life, which includes life events with Elspeth.

4. The changed effects of Elspeth with Ajani could have gone as far as to prevent not only her death on Theros, but changed the outcome of New Phyrexia and prevented Venser’s death. *I wonder if Mark Rosewater proposed that idea: someone should check*

5. Without having Sarkhan as a servant, Nicol Bolas would have needed to search high and low for a different minion to carry out his deeds by proxy. His search could even bring him to Earth being in the multiverse.

6. After searching high and low on Earth for minions, Nicol Bolas could have  recruited Kevin Bacon after seeing X-men First Class.

Commander Theory’s 4,000 Follower Giveaway Contest!

Commander Theory just hit 4,000 followers a few days ago, so we’re going to celebrate the occasion the same way we mark every milestone: with a slew of prizes to reward our loyal fans!

The Contest

To enter, submit a link to your favorite Commander deck (via TappedOut/MTGVault/etc.) and describe why it’s your favorite. You could talk about the process of building the deck, your favorite cards in it, significant combos/themes, et cetera; just give me a sense of what makes your deck meaningful to you. Bonus points will be awarded for decks that are unique, flavorful, and/or cleverly built.

The Prizes

First place will receive the Commander’s Cache, a collection of over 30 format staples selected from my list of the top cards in Commander. These cards have been chosen for their power level, their ability to slot into most decks, and how fun they are to play with, so they’re a great resource for Commander deckbuilders.

Second place will receive an Ultra Pro magnetic flip-top deck box in the color of their choice. These are one of the sturdier and more professional-looking deck box models, and they fit 100 sleeved cards perfectly.

Third place will receive a box of 100 Dragon Shield sleeves in the color of their choice. These are some of the best sleeves out there, and a set will usually last you several years (or longer, if you play on a mat and take care not to let them get dirty). These and KMCs are usually the only brands I’ll pay money for, and unlike KMCs, Dragon Shield sleeves come in packs of 100, which makes them perfect for sleeving up Commander decks.

Additional Details and FAQ

Winning entries and decklists will be posted here on Commander Theory with a brief description of why your deck was chosen as a winner. Contest entries will only be accepted from the time this post is published until midnight on April 5th, 2015. Good luck!

How should I submit my entry?

I’d prefer you use the Submit button on my page, which looks like this:

Can I submit a deck from another format?

Since this is a Commander blog, I’m only interested in seeing Commander decklists.