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Hey there! I read your post about inducing lactation and you mentioned DMAB people could do it. Could a trans woman nurse a baby, even just a little bit?

Oh, yes!  Absolutely, they can and they do!  It takes a lot of work, but DMAB breasts and nipples work almost as well as DFAB breasts and nipples when it comes to making milk.

Awesome Dr. Christine McGinn, trans woman extraordinaire had twins with her partner, and both of them breastfed:



Here is German musician and trans woman Gloria Gray breastfeeding her daughter Grace:


Here is trans woman “Sarah” breastfeeding her baby:



Read my post about how to stimulate lactation in non-lactating people.

If you’re interested, read more here, though tw for use of “transsexual” and similar language.

8165) I get very jealous of other trans people, because they are much farther in their transition than I am and it makes me discouraged and makes me feel like Ill never get as far as they have.

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8167) For a while it was my goal to be a "normal" woman someday, possibly because I internalized that's what I needed to do. I'd pass, I'd date men exclusively, and I'd be quiet about my trans status. I started HRT 3 years ago. I don't fully pass, and I'm started to realize I'm at least a little bisexual. And I'm open, because being trans is a part of me. So much for being a "normal" woman, whatever the hell that means. I'd much rather be myself.
How to get your friends and family to refer to you by your name and pronouns
  • Never respond to your birthname or the wrong pronoun. Do not allow anyone to get away with referring to you as the wrong thing. 
  • Bring other friends and family around who refer to you as your name. If everyone in the room calls you ‘she’ and your parents still refer to you as ‘he’, it’s going to feel awkward for them. Socialization eventually kicks in, we mirror the people around us. 
  • Communicate how much it hurts to hear them calling you the wrong thing. Appeal to their empathy, make sure they know it feels like a stab to the gut. 
  • Never give up. Some friends you can drop if they are bad for your mental health, but some family you can’t. If you think your family will never refer to you as your chosen name or pronouns, keep doing these things. I’ve heard of some families changing their minds after four or five years. Sometimes it just takes time. 
  • Don’t make everything into an argument, but make sure they know you disagree with what they call you. It’s conditioning. If they are used to calling you ‘she’ then they are going to feel awkward calling you ‘he’, but if you make it even more awkward to call you ‘she’ by correcting them, it will be easier to call you ‘he’. 


8153) I have no problem with people who like they pronouns or with being called they/them when people don't know I prefer she/her, but I've found some people will continue calling me they/them after I've pointed out I prefer she/her. It just seems like a sneaky way of misgendering me, but when I point this out people will claim that they/them is neutral and for everyone. Sure, maybe it is, but I find it really suspicious, like they're not cold enough to call me a man but refuse to call me a girl.
8156) I think being perceived as male and being insanely insecure/dysphoric about my masculine features has scarred me, because I'm 3 yrs on HRT and I'm always gendered correctly. I'm stealth and nobody knows or even guesses I'm trans. But whenever I look in the mirror all I see is a disgusting man. It makes me think everyone is playing some kind of joke on me by calling me a woman.
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I’ve got so much stuff. I can’t post pictures now due to my mother having confiscated my phone because I came out as trans, but if you want pictures, I’ll find a way to get them to you. Okay. 


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8155) I've noticed sometimes when I talk about wanting to get vaginoplasty someday, fetishists try to convince me not to. As if their boner matters more than my mental well-being.