City Hall Station Now And Then  1                                                                            When you take the No. 6 line in Manhattan, the last stop is Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall but it’s not really the end of the line. To those in the know you can stay on board with the train as it does its turnaround to the uptown track. If you do this and stay focused on the right hand side of the train you will pass the first, and now abandoned, City Hall Station. Keep your eyes peeled as you will pass the station in just a matter of a few seconds, but in those moments you will see the remnants of an architectural gem. 

The NYC subway is taking an official stand against “man spreading”

 Rejoice, ladies of New York: Your long national leg-induced nightmare may finally be coming to a close.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) announced on Monday that a new campaign addressing courtesy on public transportation will come into effect by January. One of the targeted behaviors is “man-spreading” — the act of spreading one’s legs so far apart that other passengers are forced to squish their own together. 

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61-year-old Wai Kuen Kwok died Sunday after being shoved in front of an oncoming train. But the city has no plans to invest in protective barriers.

This is ridiculous. The city’s official response to an elderly Asian couple being pushed in front of an oncoming train is “it is such a rare occurrence that no matter how tragic it is, it shouldn’t change our lifestyle.” The last time someone was killed due to a hate crime shove was in 2012, making the occurrence roughly once every 2 years. Of course a single occurrence terrorist attack drastically changed the American lifestyle. No matter the state of the economy, money was found to protect American lives from a repeat. But when two Asian immigrants get shoved in front of oncoming trains, the “perennially cash-strapped” MTA will find it difficult to install protective barriers. 

This is the nature of white supremacy and capitalism. Lives will not be protected when it is a matter of cost, unless of course they are white lives then maybe we can squeeze out a buck or two to take measures of safety.

Happy 110th Birthday to the New York City Subway!


Jim Pickerell, photographer. From the series: DOCUMERICA: The Environmental Protection Agency’s Program to Photographically Document Subjects of Environmental Concern, 1972 - 1977

The first underground line of the New York City Subway began operation on October 27, 1904, with the opening of stations between City Hall and 145th Street, run by the then-Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT).


The protest this past Monday was an amazing experience but by the time we were taking the protest from above ground to in the train station the cops blocked us and starting fighting with the protestors, the time went by so quick but I can remember that they did all the antagonizing and all we were doing was holding hands in a line and these pigs screamed in our faces, pushed and grabbed on us, demanding we go upstairs when we had the rest of our protesting brothers and sisters filling up the stairs behind us
This is war, if you think otherwise you’re wrong