I met a fellow MSTie at the art supply store today! This older gentleman behind the paper counter asked me what my t-shirt said, and I answered “It’s ‘Push the button Frank’, something from a show called MST3K that was on in the 90s blah blah”- the usual stuff I say when people ask about the shirt.

His eyes lit up immediately- “Oh man I LOVED that show! I watched it religiously with my buddy when it was airing!” I couldn’t believe it- I’ve always worn that t-shirt to find MSTies and have had no success till today! We blabbed about our favorite episodes for awhile, and it was marvelous. He was definitely a Joel fan (which put me on the spot a little cuz I prefer Mike episodes by a tiny margin over Joel episodes), but man was it fun to fangasm with another MSTie! :D

When I left, I said “Keep circulating the tapes” over my shoulder. He gave me the thumbs up and said he would.

My day has been made.


"I love you, CROW!!!"

therealmanos said:

Hello, Love your blog. I've been a Mstie since 92 and still watch the show everyday. I was wondering if you've seen Joel on Steven Universe? He has a supporting role as Mayor Dewey and has appeared in five episodes so far.

I have NOT watched Steven Universe yet.

My “to watch” list is big and I’m not patient enough for standard TV.