Andy Hurley Appreciation Riot

Myself and rockandrollisbeingsavedaswespeak are creating a riot, we want to show Andy Hurley how much all of his fans love him and appreciate him. We also want to remind everyone that Andy is a really important member and it wouldn’t be FOB without him. What we plan on doing is writing all the URLs of the people who want to take part on a poster board and tweet him and Fall Out Boy a picture of it. If you want to take part in our Andy Hurley Appreciation Riot, please like/reblog this post and be following both me and rockandrollisbeingsavedaswespeak. The deadline is July 30th. If you want to let Andy know just how much his fans love him, please take part!

-Caroline and Kaitlin 

I forgot to make a post about this the other day but umm okay here goes

I’ve been misunderstanding things all along with that part when Murasaki made a face like i always thought he was scared for art but i realized that he was scared AT art. Scared that Art would come back to life and fuck things up for him or smth i feel so stupid the moment i realized it smh